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Tomb Raider 4: Last Revelation [Speedrun]

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Tomb Raider 4: Last Revelation [Speedrun]

Сообщение Lin » 19 май 2010, 15:29

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Codec: H.264

Speed run of Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation using glitches in 48 segments across 43 files, completed on October 20 2006.

Author's comments:
This is actually my second run of this game. The first one wasn't worth to submit, it has a lot of mistakes, some major problems like can't sprint left and the video quality is just isn't so good. I didn't have to search for all tricks since I have watched MMAN's runs to get all tricks from him and the first 5 Tomb Raider games have almost identical engines. I was using 4x Anti-aliasing which rised up the quality a lot, but about in half of the game, I discovered chops when recording in a demanding places. You can see it especially in Citadel or Temple Of Horus-Cavern. Unlike the MMAN's runs, this one was done with using of glitches. I wanted to do this speedrun as fast as possible, hell that's the word "speedrun" means. I did it, because this Tomb Raider lacks of shortcuts except a few curve jumps, but they don't skip much. By the way, if you see somewhere that I suddenly stopped or didn't use flare to cancel a stumble, then believe it's because I couldn't do it or there's a bug thanks to Fraps.

As you can see the run is in 3 qualities to satisfy everybody. I had a small audio problem in normal quality at first 2 levels, creating weird sounds, but the rest is ok.

I'd like to give thanks to rr_carroll, MMAN, AjAX, laughing_gas and Serenchen who have helped me in many ways. Especially to rr_carroll, who has actually searched all the corners to find if it provides corner bug shortcut.

Now, the levels comments:
Ankgor Wat: There's a corner bug that I missed, but rr_carroll found it when I was at Karnak section. But it saves only a few seconds.
Race For The Iris: Again a corner bug that I missed, which lets you complete the timed run sub-1 minute, not in 1:18.
Tomb Of Seth: I picked up every medipack I could to use every time I had, because the guide has to ignite all the torches in cavern, then he opens you a block with switch, so you have "free-time". I managed to activate blades before guide does it, which gave me a few seconds gain.
Valley Of The Kings: In order to obtain keys to jeep, you must kill 3 ninjas to appear key-ninja.
KV5: I was so fast, that I actually trapped the enemy jeep behind the closed gate, but it reappeared later anyway.
Sacred Lake-1st: I wasted one small medipack, because the crocodiles moves very random, but I got lucky and they didn't even bit me once.
Tomb Of Semerkhet: This level is 2-segment, because the Senet game is VERY random, so I tried to make it with the most amount of luck I could achieve.
Desert Railroad: One of the most loved level. I let Lara "die" at the very end, but it seems she has more than 1 life...
Coastal Ruins: 2 crawl-corner bugs has been used to skip Token and dealing with the skeletons.
Catacombs: There is a nice glitch at the beginning allows to open door, so you can skip pool section.
Lost Library: If you throw a grenade to the place where knight borns at the cutscene, he won't sit on a horse makes the run about half a minute faster.
Hall Of Demetrius: Again a glitch was used to trigger the end of an entire level.
Cleopatra's Palace: I have activated the spikes by using a trigger-bug, so I skipped taking mechanical scarab and winding key.
Trenches-1st: I managed to make a jump which normally needs a Nitro parts to be installed on a bike, but it turned out you don't need them if you keep trying long enough.
Underneath the Sphinx: I have about half a paper of all the notes about this level. There is no way I could remember so much information what blocks need to be pushed, where to go in water maze and so on. There is also a small bug, which I personally call "I don't wanna do this, until you stop me". It's the one where I couldn't go out of the water, because she didn't want to grab the edge. Dive again solved it.
Menkaure's Pyramid: There is a mistake at the traverse, about 7 seconds, which is quite a lot in such small level, BUT I had so much trouble even to complete this level when recording with fraps. It almost everytime happened, when I didn't kill the scorping choking a guard, that I got killed instantly no matter what amount of health I had. Oh and that traverse is not so easy to grab at first jump even without fraps.
Inside The Menkaure's pyramid: My record here is 5:06 from the first run, but that was absolutely superb lucky run and there was no way to beat this time without killing someone in a huge anger...
Mastabas: I didn't use revolver to shoot lion's heads, I found super grenades to be more effective :) Althought I miss one head, so I shot it with laser sight bug.
The Great Pyramid: I skipped almost entire pyramid by doing a 2 hardcore curve jumps in a row. I had to stop before the second one, otherwise I would be probably doing this level for decades.
Khufu's Queen's Pyramid: Scorpion bit me to the leg and I don't know why, but I didn't use a medipack to cure poison, so the half of the level is like "drugged".
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