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Ouka Fuujin (JAP) [BLIBBERO]

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Ouka Fuujin (JAP) [BLIBBERO]

Сообщение Lin » 16 мар 2010, 09:40

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Genre: Tactical-RPG
Developer: Mediaworks
Publisher: ESP Software
Data: 16.12.1999
CD: 1
Format: .cdi
Selfboot: Yes

Oukahoushin is an interesting (but pretty mediocre) Japanese strategy game based off of the original Table-Talk RPG (Think RPG books with rules and the like) that was pretty popular during the late 90s and features original characters and a story based somewhat around the rules of the TRPG. This game is particularly oriental in feel and while Japanese, it embodies many Chinese and East Asian concepts and philosophies, from the distinctly decorated characters to the gameplay principals to even the name (The base of which is the rough equivalent of "The Hero of Central China").

The story is relatively straightforward and while it introduces a host of original characters, the theme of the game isn't changed much so as not to deviate greatly from the source material. The story is also somewhat easier to understand if you know Hiragana and Katakana, as some of the Kanjis have Hira/Kata equivalents. We will tell you the general story.

A lone, beautiful traveler named Rai Seishou (来 星晶) is living life until she "loses her way" and is found by a wise master who teaches her about the ways of the world, Taoism, and Yin and Yang. He tells her about the shifts in power within the world and that the balance is being disturbed by those of darkness, and that evil immortals and their followers wish to fill the world with negative energy. She also learns that she is a star of destiny or Crystal Star (in Chinese, they are referring to her being chosen and special like the 28 Mansions, which are part of the Chinese constellations).

As time passes, she becomes a skilled fighter wise in the ways of virtue and realizes, along with friends she makes, that they cannot sit idly by any longer as the forces of darkness are making their move and enslaving provinces, generating negative Qi (or Chi/Ch'i). If the world continues to lose its balance, a great evil being will emerge and destroy the world. It is your job to find others with a virtous heart and reclaim the land before the Flower of Balance darkens and Shichitouja [七頭蛇] is freed by the influence of his seven powerful followers. The manual only shows five of them. "Shichi Tou Ja" is a giant demonic snake (his name means Seven Head Serpent).

The gameplay is influenced inpart by Feng Shui, or the Chinese art of Geomancy. Your goal is to gather other Taoist travelers, do good deeds, defeat wrong-doers, and possibly become immortals as a reward. There are five governing elements as well as various supplemental techniques in the game, and town liberation affects surrounding areas with either positive or negative Qi, depending on who does what. Your goal is to win the "turf war" by sending the darkness to black spaces until there are none left. Evil emerges from black spaces, but defending territories while eliminating these spaces limits where the evil can approach from. You can buy items from disciples and masters to help you by dispensing your built-up Yin and Yang, but you also need it for special map abilities like putting hexes around towns (so you can leave without fear of a town getting taken) and moving quickly. Enemies will move even if you won't.

Combat is somewhat traditional strategy fare. You equip your units, and send them to fight on a turn basis. Characters have an invisible magic limit, represented by a bar under their health. It recharges over time. Spells are learned through repeated use and some weapons can get stronger over a long period of time, increasing in range or status-inflicting frequency. Some abilities take longer than others as well, so be mindful of that. When enemies are defeated in a skirmish, they are reincarnated after a few seconds.

The game has a few secret characters and codes, but the problem comes in its monotony. Enemies spawn so quickly and fights take quite a bit of time that despite the game being only one small map with various vantage points, the game feels like it moves at a crippling pace. You also won't have enough time to experiment with all the game's techniques in one go. The game is also kinda hard for a good while too. Well, enjoy the footage and "essay".


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Title:   Ouka-Fuujin
Source:   pdi-okfj.r##
Notes:   simple R18 Fake TOC
   DP2 Internet files were not binhacked as I dont think you can play this game online now
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