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De La Jet Set Radia ADXfixed (JAP) [PAVLIK]

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De La Jet Set Radia ADXfixed (JAP) [PAVLIK]

Сообщение Lin » 01 апр 2011, 01:05

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Genre: Action/Platformer
Developer: Smilebit
Publisher: Sega
Data: June 29, 2000
CD: 1
Format: .nrg
Selfboot: Yes

After the mess that the first version of Jet Set Radio was, Sega decided to re-release it under the name of De La Jet Set Radio. This version was only sold via Dreamcast Direct (now called Sega Direct) making it one of the more rare Dreamcast titles out there. This version is much easier to get to grips with plus features all the music, levels and characters from the European and US versions. Most of the option text is in English too unlike the original Japanese version. Anyway, as you all probably know, Jet Set Radio is a wonderful action game and probably the first ever cell shaded console game.

De La Jet Set Radio also comes with a full colour printed disc which is quite a rarity as far as Dreamcast games go.

Код: Выделить всё
                       .adAMMMb.   .dAMMMAbn.
                "~^Y"   /    ..dMWMP".ammmmdMMMUP^~"
                   |   Y    dMAbammdAMMMMMMP^~"
                   |   |    MMMMMMMMMMMMU^"    goes to StoneArts
                   l   :    Y^YUWWWWUP^"
                    \       j

    What did you do with great game ? Who does need internet
    browsers ? Who does need great music in shitty quality ?
    Only noises! I've decided to repack all of the ADX files
    cause i can't  listen to  this shit any longer - 99kbs /
    22khz in monaural. Should I also mention, that the music
    files (almost all) were playing with 2x of their orginal
    tempo? :P I know  that this game won't  be close  to its
    original quality, but who releases something, that isn't
    even  close to scene standards  and simply  unplayable ?
    Will the  people wan't to  play this great  game in such
    quality? Just see what StoneArts delivered us: JDXSA.mp3
    Better copy  can be made without GD ! Who are you guys ?



                  D r E a M p L a Y & P a v l i k

               P r E s E n T s :

        De La Jet Set Radio [Jet Set Radio DX] [J] - ADX Repack

        Special Version with 2 brand new stages and 8 missions!

          Game info: http://www.sega.co.jp/dc/db/010101.html

           Orginal     :   SA / ECH / SGMX
           Supplier    :       Xena / SGMX
               File        :    pav_jsrdxr.r**
               Size        :         19MB x 23
               Relased     :        12.10.2005
               Format      :      Nero 5 / NRG
               Platform    :           Sega DC

        ----- INFO --------------------------------------------

        Most ADX files was changed from NTSC/UC  standard ver -
    Echelons rip but not all. There were also 36 additional
    (new) music files. I don't have  De La Jet Set Radio GD
    so I was not able to rip  them. Thanks to SEGA MAX Team
    I get orginal ADX files. I ripped them to mono 198 kbps
    to fit game to 700mb CD-R. So now You can enjoy perfect
    repack  with  brand new  songs: Recipe for the  Perfect
    Afro, Many Styles & Funky Plucker. I removed multi lang
    [FR, GER and SPA] and Dream Passport files for SELFBOOT
    PURPOSES and added 15 MB dummy file for better loading.
    Now it is non  multi lang game so please  swich lang to
    english [US compatible] or japanese  in main  DreamCast
    bios menu - otherwise You  get only  black  screen -_-'
    I have extra bonus for Ya made by my friends: Jeff.Ma -
    perfect save [VMI+VMS format] and by Nachbrenner and me
    game codes for use with AR / GS / Xploder / CodeBreaker


    Do You need any codes  for newest DC games? Just ask on

        ----- HOW TO BURN -------------------------------------
    To burn  this baby use Nero 5.5.9.X or 5.5.10.X in DAO
    or DAO/96 Mode. The Nero 6 series can be uncompatible!

        ----- HISTORY -----------------------------------------

        1. Shenmue The Movie Pack  - 07.06 2004
        2. Evil Twin PL non-itro   - 02.10.2004
        3. Xploder Blaze Repack    - 22.10.2004
        4. DC AR/GS/CB/XP codes    - 09.02.2005
        5. Fighting Force 2 PL     - 15.07.2005
        6. VF3_KAL PAL 60Hz Fix    - 29.08.2005

        ----- CONTACT -----------------------------------------


               e-mail   :        [email protected]
               HomePage :  WwW.DrEaMpLaY.PrV.pL

               ps. I need help with this thing:


        ---- GREETZ -------------------------------------------

        Xena, Myst, Yoshitora, |marf|, D-Central, DCP, Shakkall
        Bero, Echelon, belokk, JeffMa, TeamUSA, SGMX, LyingWake
    Epsylon, Hykan, Yakumo, hrb2k, Dalthon, [email protected], DC Forums
        EmuParadise, Kortex, Sneak, Eggman, Koza, R18 kekeke :P


         NJoy the only one good backup on the game!

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Re: De_La_Jet_Set_Radia_ADXfixed_JAP-PAVLIK

Сообщение Mr.Pav » 01 апр 2011, 02:23

Lin, спасибо огромное!! :D
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