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Redux - Dark Matters [2014]

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Redux - Dark Matters [2014]

Сообщение Lin » 14 фев 2014, 00:25

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Genre: Shoot 'em up
Developer: HUCAST.Net / KonTechs Ltd
Publisher: HUCAST.Net
Data: January 27, 2014
CD: 1
Format: .cdi
Selfboot: Yes
Метка диска: Redux_DC_RC4 Релиз кандидат 4. Ну пипец. Видимо ждать нам Redux 1.5. Вам нравится эта дойная корова?

Фейк на кикстартере. Пустые обещания:
На NullDC через определённое время виснет. На других эмулях не проверял.
Обязательно проверьте на самом дриме! Если что не так, то придётся использовать другой образ для ImgBurn и проверять его. Пишите своё мнение.

Игра вышла полным повторнием раннего Dux. Печально.
На кикстартере обещали новую игру, а сделали немного дополненную старую.

REDUX is a new shmup for the Sega Dreamcast/iOS brought to you by one of the guys who created GunLord, Fast Striker, Last Hope and DUX.

И где обещанный режим для 2 игроков? Я не нашёл.
Update #4: 40K Stretch Goal Reached! Onto 60K with 2-Player Support and a New Stage, "Dark Planet"!
For our last and final stretch goal of 60k, we are offering not only a brand new stage, "Dark Planet" for Redux: Dark Matters, but 2 Player support for the game! This is a first for a Dreamcast indie shmup and we are very excited to offer it!

Позор таким разработчиком. Пусть все их игры копируют и распространяют везде. Дримкаст не погибнет без пидаргов под названием Hucast.

Redux: Dark Matters is the up and coming space shooting game with fresh scoring elements and an incredible soundtrack composed by Andre Neuman featuring legendary video game composer Chris Huelsbeck (Turrican, R-Type). Featuring arcade style visuals with in-space, robot blasting, shooting game action. Developed by René Hellwig from NG:DEV.TEAM (GunLord, Fast Striker, Last Hope and DUX) and programmed by KTX Software Development.

Arcade Style Visuals
7 Stages with Huge Boss Enemies
Tons of Weapons
Arcade Gameplay and Addictive Scoring System
Awesome Soundtrack Composed by Andre Neumann


Notes regarding the test:
To put things in context, Redux is an independent game made ​​by a small group of developers, it is an independent project away from large video game companies. . However there is the work of professionals and semi-professionals, it is therefore not a "homebrew" I will note this game as I will note any other Dreamcast game : no favors from me, I will try . be as neutral as possible the different screenshots, except those of the packaging were taken directly on the web. trailer of the game: Here is the trailer of the game dating back to the end of January 2014

Redux is an independent game on CD and not on GD as are all official games, it is the result of cooperation between Hucast and Kontechs
This is the remake of 1.5 Dux who was an improved version of (debugged) of Dux .
You can find the reviews of the previous games at this address: the Reviews . Dux original was released in June 2009, he is a horizontal shooter single player as well as R-Type , Pulstar ... It takes place on six levels , each with a boss at the end. Heavy a delay of several months on the original release date, the game was pretty lukewarm received by fans. Featuring graphics licked for self and for the time, the difficulty raised was very displeased a large number. A few months after its release, the team of developers reported that updating the game would be available free for all owners of the game The main fix in this release is the "50hz Infinitive Life Bug" and should add changes the gameplay. Four years after this promise, developers emerged Dux 1.5 . Most a few months, with more than a year late and after a kickstarter project out Redux: Dark Matters , the remake.

Compatible accessories:
Arcade Stick
Original Pad

What question ... it is a shooter to destroy, kill, explode, kill ... all ships, robots, tanks and other enemies bosses that appear on the screen. I will spare you the scenario.
no introduction in the game telling us anything at all, just still images recalling the functions of your ship. Packaging: Redux . comes in a black box blister The poor are s' not even offer the luxury of being "Y" type. As for version 1.5 and unlike the beautiful first edition, no instructions are supplied with the game, only one sheet in English detailing the controller configuration and different people developed with designated / game is given. 's jacket, limited edition, is the worst of the three editions, I'll let you judge. is ultra minimalist. Regarding the packaging I think balance between disappointment and gene for the publisher.

Rating: 0.2 / 5

The graphics and animations
The game graphics have been revised upwards, however, a veil, blurring and lack of clarity is obvious. After quick search on the web, we can learn that this remake was less important than its original resolution to 240p Redux against 480p for Dux .
This undesirable effect, even VGA, making it less fun to play than its predecessors game, overall height for a more colorful atmosphere.

Redux Right / left Dux

Sets, enemies still remain consistent, yet extraordinary special effects with explosions and gunfire are all fairly flat. Bosses are particularly neat and sizes are impressive, they usually fill the entire right side of the screen.
Vessels have also been reworked, they are much more friendly.

Rating 3/5

The soundtrack:
The soundtrack was produced by A.Neumann. The music is pleasant and stick perfectly to the almost magical world of the game The sound level is too low, however,
the sound effects are still weaklings, soft.

Rating: 3/5

Nothing to say, it is like any shmup should be perfect, the ship reacts instantly.
Rating: 5/5

For many gamers, the main drawback of Dux was its difficulty and that of Dux 1.5 extreme ease.
For this album he is nothing, the game is well balanced, although perhaps a little too easy normal but the new Veteran mode with its new vessels mode has a much more relieved. difficulty Some bosses remain with ease. A new level has been added to this remake, their number from six to seven and slightly increasing the duration life at the same time. Note that checkpoints are still present then they are useless.

Rating: 3/5

Redux is on sale around € 35 (plus shipping) Regular Edition version. bugs:

I personally have no problem bug with this game, at least for the moment, but some have not had my chance. Indeed it seems that many new bugs have appeared in Redux what lies the question of beta-testing in independent games. Read here: Redux happened ...
High-score bug

In Conclusion:
Dux , Dux 1.5 , Redux , almost three identical sets: only distinguishes three levels.
Nearly 6 years of accumulated waiting: 1 year Dux , 4 years Dux 1.5 , 1 years Redux ... we only expect this game?
Bugs removed but new ones appear ...
prettier graphics but ... less clear ...
A package of increasingly bad.
lot of weaknesses and few new strengths.
We dare not of course compare to Sturmwind .

Create a kickstart, with funds from fans for a remake that "easy money stinks," I personally find it detrimental for future independent productions.
A too pull the rope ...

I liked:
a new level
the size of the boss

I would have liked:
SD Card Support
intro and scenes between levels

I did not like:
visual blur
the re-warmed
the barely audible sounds
packaging sloppy, disgraceful
feel cheated as baker
Note (owner of Dux / Dux 1.5): 2.5/10
rating (for others): 6/10

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Re: Redux - Dark Matters [2014]

Сообщение Skwigy » 17 фев 2014, 16:12

Мб для режима на двоих нужно нажать старт на втором контройлере?
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Re: Redux - Dark Matters [2014]

Сообщение Lin » 17 фев 2014, 19:00

Не. Его просто не сделали, так как не собрали нужную сумму на кикстартере.
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Re: Redux - Dark Matters [2014]

Сообщение Akuma66 » 20 июн 2014, 21:23

Встаньте на раздачу Пожалуйста.
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Re: Redux - Dark Matters [2014]

Сообщение Lin » 21 июн 2014, 00:41

Попробуй перекачать торрент.
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