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Sentimental Graffiti 2 (JAP) [Hykan]

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Sentimental Graffiti 2 (JAP) [Hykan]

Сообщение Lin » 24 ноя 2010, 20:28

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Release from 20 November, 2010(!)

Genre: Romance, Drama
Developer: NEC Interchannel
Publisher: NEC Interchannel
Data: 28 July 2000
CD: 2 [99 min]
Format: .nrg
Selfboot: Yes

A lovely presented love adventure following on from the Saturn original. The opening movie sequence is extremely well done telling us how the girls lose a friend in a car accident. It's actually quite morbid for a game intro to be honest. In game graphics are nice plus there's a cool little feature that allows you to zoom in to the screen for a more detailed look at the character art. The background image actually blurs when you do this as well so not to distract your attention from the main character art.

Unlike many games of this type, Sentimental Graffiti allows the player to roam around the world at their own accord using an isometric view point map of the area. In fact it's a God send to games of this nature since it helps break the monotonous nature of these games.

Lovely game with a lovely story to go with it. If you can read Japanese and looking for a love adventure that doesn't feature endless panty and breast shots then give Sentimental Graffiti 2 a try. You won't be disappointed.


MDG Database
Код: Выделить всё
          Title....: Sentimental Graffiti 2

          Supplier.: Hykan         -  Date.....: 20/11/2010
          Selfboot.: Hykan         -  Genre....: AVG
          Platform.: SEGA DC       -  Files....: 34/35 x20MB
          Origin...: JAP/NTSC      -  Filename.: hyk-SG2A/B.partxx.rar
          Type.....: .nrg 99min    -  Ripped...: See release note

  Release Notes                         
- ----------------------------- -

The game has been ripped and tested to be 100% working personally by myself
(according to the walkthrough I have - 100% CG collection). To be honest, I use
fast forward most of the time skipping movies and voices.

The test CDs were burnt with Nero DAO at 16X speed, overburnt to 99

There is a release of this game by Hooligans/R18. However, it has most of the
movies ripped, some files are corrupted and most important of all - it hangs at
disks swapping points!

  Openning movies down sampled from 90M to 61M.

  BMUSIC.AFS downsampled. In fact I used the one from R18's release

You may use R18's nulled movies to make the game fit on 80min CDRs but that is
not my style. I am sure most of you can do it with the files from my 99min
releases or the Tosec GDI release. So go ahead.

There is a TOSEC GDI release of the game for those who can't use 99min CDRs although
my rip is base on my own GDs. I haven't test the GDI fully on emulators but as
far as I know:

Demul 5.6
  Swapping disks OK. Other features not tested
NullDC 1.03
  Swapping disk not working for this game
Makaron T12
  Does not support disk swapping
  Rip notes (technical)                       
- ----------------------------- -
*The following notes are a bit technical and is useless to 99% of the users.
*The info is intended for technical users who know what they are doing and if
*they found anything wrong with my procedures, they can correct me or perhaps
*release a ppf.

Nothing special

Final Notes:

Like all of my previous releases, the images were created with a variation of
Echelon's method and hex edited directly into Nero format without burning to CDR
- ----------------------------- -
Gosseyn , Rayearth , blibbero , NU-NRG & all contributing members of Sega Palace

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Автор: Lin Хэш: ---
Добавлен: 24 ноя 2010, 20:26 Приватный: Да (DHT отключён)
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Скачали: 6 (Раздающих: 0%)
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Re: Sentimental_Graffiti_2_JAP_DC-Hykan

Сообщение monkeyman » 10 июн 2011, 23:39

Hi, thanks for this rare upload!

I am seeding:

Nettou Golf
Comic Party
Fire Pro Wrestling
Ring (not orar)
Himitsu Yui Ga Ita Natsu
Golf Shyonyou Adventure Ed

I have been seeding for a month now - but I can't download these iso-

Sentimental Graffiti 2 (stuck at 69%)
First Kiss Story (stuck at 77%)
Shenmue Mag94 (0%)
Eternal Arcadia Barai (0%)

I try to download for more than a month but the seeder is unconnectable - If anyone (who speaks English!) is reading this, can they jump on the four above and help me dload - I really appreciate it. - And I will seed forever!
Раздал: 1.19 ГБ
Скачал: 15.38 ГБ
Ратио: 0.078
Сообщения: 15
Зарегистрирован: 13 май 2011, 00:03

Re: Sentimental_Graffiti_2_JAP_DC-Hykan

Сообщение monkeyman » 10 июн 2011, 23:57

Yes! Thank you - whoever you are :)
Раздал: 1.19 ГБ
Скачал: 15.38 ГБ
Ратио: 0.078
Сообщения: 15
Зарегистрирован: 13 май 2011, 00:03

Re: Sentimental_Graffiti_2_JAP_DC-Hykan

Сообщение Lin » 11 июн 2011, 01:33

monkeyman писал(а):I have been seeding for a month now - but I can't download these iso-Sentimental Graffiti 2 (stuck at 69%)First Kiss Story (stuck at 77%)Shenmue Mag94 (0%)Eternal Arcadia Barai (0%)

Hmmmm... I'm seeding it. But I don't know reasons of it. I'll fix it later.
Аватара пользователя
Раздал: 2.68 ТБ
Скачал: 67.94 ГБ
Ратио: 100.462
Сообщения: 2657
Зарегистрирован: 20 фев 2010, 07:32

Re: Sentimental_Graffiti_2_JAP_DC-Hykan

Сообщение monkeyman » 11 июн 2011, 03:26

Hi Lin, I have no idea who they are but with their help I managed to get 100% of the download :) Thank you!!

I'm seeding now :)
Раздал: 1.19 ГБ
Скачал: 15.38 ГБ
Ратио: 0.078
Сообщения: 15
Зарегистрирован: 13 май 2011, 00:03

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