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Carrier (PAL) [GENIUS]

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Carrier (PAL) [GENIUS]

Сообщение Lin » 20 ноя 2010, 09:18

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Genre: Survival Horror #77
Developer: Jaleco
Publisher: THQ
Data: July 5, 2001
CD: 1
Format: .cdi
Selfboot: Yes

A good attempt by Jaleco in the field of survival horror games. This one has you stranded on an oil rig or something like that which has been taken over by demons. The game has the typical Jaleco look and sound to it which is no bad thing. maybe not as good as Bio Hazard but it can easily compete along side of Blue Stinger.
Synopsis: All radio contact on the USS Heimdal, the US Navy’s largest aircraft carrier, after it is returning home from an attack on the terrorist group Southern Cross. A SPARC team is sent to investigate, though when communication fails, a second team is sent in. The second team’s helicopter is shot down by the Heimdal’s anti-air turrets, and now SPARC members Jack Ingles and Jessifer Manning must fight for their lives while attempting to carry out their mission.

A = Confirm/Attack With Raised Weapon
B = Cancel/First-Person Scope
X = Run
Y = Map Screen
START = Menu Screen
L TRIGGER = Change Weapon/Zoom Out Scope
R TRIGGER = Raise Weapon/Zoom In Scope

Movement Style: Tank controls.
Camera: Fixed
VMU: Current health displayed.
Save Blocks Required: 42
Personal Opinion: Ultimately Carrier feels like a mediocre Resident Evil clone. I didn’t find it that original, and while the little unique touches like the targeting system are nice, they really kill the difficulty. Graphically, it’s hit-or-miss, and the audio varies in quality. The voice acting isn’t the worst I’ve ever heard, but it certainly isn’t great either. There are better survival horror titles out there, but Carrier is not a bad game, and if you’ve played the others, give this one a look.
Notes: Instead of auto-aim, the game features a targeting system. Unlockables available after beating both scenarios


MDG Database
FAQ/Walkthrough (Italian)
Boss FAQ
Код: Выделить всё
      .                         --==░░░░░░░==--                         .
      |                                                                 |
      :       _______    --==░░░ G E N i U S ░░░==--       _________    :     
             /       \________ ____   _____ ____ ____  ___/   __    \
      .     /  ______/  _____//    | /     |    /   / /  /   /  '---┤   .
      |    /  /_____/  /__   /     |/     /____/   / /  /   /_____      |
      '   /  //_   /  ___/  /            /___ /   / /  /\_____    \     '
         /  /__ / /  /_____/     .      /    /   /_/  /--,___/    /     
        /        /        /     /|     /    /        /  -SmoKe-  /
        \_______/\_______/\____/ |____/\___/\_______/\__da_HerB_/
      |                                                                 |
      : ░░-Presents-░░                                                  :

         Game...: Carrier *Multi4*

         Origin...: EURO / PAL          - Format.....: DJ 3.x
         Released.: 15.07.2001          - Filenames..: gen-carr.xxx
         Platform.: Dreamcast           - Files......: 28 RARS / 1x80 Min.
         Supplier.: HookUp              - Ripped.....: read notes!
      .                                                                 .
   ___|---==░░░Release Notes░░░==---------------------------------------|___
      |                                                                 |
         Today we bring you a great Horror-Sc-Fi-Adventure from JALECO.
         In my opinion it is as good as Resident Evil. So please go and
         buy it, it is it worth!
         Languages are: English, German, Spain, France (Choose it in
         the options menu; you can also Choose btw 50 and 60 HZ. :)

      .                                                                 .
   ___|---==░░░Ripping Notes░░░==---------------------------------------|___
      |                                                                 |
         I just downsampled most of the backround music.
         But it is all here, the music, the fmv, the speech!
         So enjoy the EUROPEAN 100% Version of this great game!
         Ummh, did anyone say that we aren't able to downsample? :)
         Burn thiz Baby with one of the NEW Disc Juggler 3.x versions!
         Otherwise you will just get an error msg!

      .                                                                 .
   ___|---==░░░Game Info░░░==-------------------------------------------|___
      |                                                                 |
         HORROR ON THE HIGH SEAS.                                             
         Hell is on the Heimdal, a nuclear aircraft carrier adrift
         at sea. And Jack has just regained consciousness on its deck.
         He quickly discovers that all is not right on board - and all
         is not human either. The ship had been attacked by eco-terrorists
         while transporting a mysterious life form. As a result, a dreadful
         virus has been unleashed, turning the crew into half-human,
         half-plant monsters. In this new survival-horror adventure, you
         assume the role of Jack and fight for your life against these
         gruesome mutants. Search the ship for weapons, ammo, and keys to
         unlock doors. Special goggles give you a first-person viewpoint,
         helping you spot hidden dangers. Carrier's innovative features
         and full 3D engine harness the power of Sega Dreamcast to
         create a world of sheer maritime terror.                                               
         Game Features:                                                       
         - Complex, intriguing plot and dialogue.                             

         - Lock-on target system for lethal aim.                               

         - Lush, detailed environments rendered in full 3D.                   

         - Bioscanning goggles give you a first-person perspective.           

         - Map function shows you doors and indicates where you've been.       

         - Dynamic lighting and environmental effects

      .                                                                 .
   ___|---==░░░Group News░░░==------------------------------------------|___
      |                                                                 |
         If you have a dump for us or think u can help us in any other
         way feel free to contact us on EFnet #GeNiuS, we┤ll wait for
         you. :)!
         Nothing to say about us, except:
         1. We are stoned the whole day and just do this for fun
         2. THANKS to all the people who release the games and to
         the people who make the Backups working on the DC.
         3. Don┤t ask us for releases or files, we won┤t help :(
         4. You can find us on effnet #GeNiuS, thats all :)
         5. Genius still need's a Release HQ or a EHQ. Can you help us?
         Contact any @ in #GeNiuS :) 
     6. Crackers, Suppliers an all who can help us
         are always welcome :)

      .                                                                 .
      |                                                                 |
                  THX to UTOPIA, you know why hehe :)

      .                                                                 .
   ___|---==░░░Special Greetings░░░==-----------------------------------|___
      |                                                                 |
         Greets to Geist, [PSY], Lolo, Igor0 and the GeNiuS members!
         Think they know why, wait for more hehe ;)!
         This release is dedicated to our DoC *g*, thx for evrything
         you┤ve done so far!

      .                                                                 .
   ___|---==░░░Release History░░░==-------------------------------------|___
      |                                                                 |


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        025  Toy Commander *Multi4*                          [EURO/PAL]
        026  Seven Magic Mansions                            [JAP/NTSC]
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        030  Carrier *Multi4*                                [EURO/PAL]


        NuM  GaMe TiTle                         OriGiN
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        004  Army men Sarge┤s Heros 2 *Multilanguage*        [EURO/PAL]
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        ---  ----------------------------------------------  ----------
        001  DSF Fu▀ball Manager 2001 *German*               [GER/PAL]

      :                                                                 :
      |__nFo: The DoTWiN_____________--==░░░ G E N I U S 2001 ░░░==---__|

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Re: Carrier (PAL) [GENIUS]

Сообщение warezhunter_ » 03 ноя 2013, 11:24

Раздайте пожалуйста!
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Re: Carrier (PAL) [GENIUS]

Сообщение Dero._ » 16 авг 2018, 00:00

Кто-то может встать на раздачу? Больше нигде нету PAL версии этой игры. Я останусь на раздаче после скачки.
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