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Magic The Gathering (JAP) [HOOLiGANS]

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Magic The Gathering (JAP) [HOOLiGANS]

Сообщение Lin » 16 ноя 2010, 11:43

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Genre: Trading Card Game #77
Developer: Sega
Publisher: Sega
Data: June 28, 2001
CD: 1
Format: .cdi
Selfboot: Yes

The Sega Dreamcast Magic: The Gathering game was released in Japan on June the 28th in 2001. It features a duel mode where players can compete versus the computer. The game uses a card pool of 369 cards which consists of the complete 6th Edition set, 9 additional cards of earlier core set editions and 10 special cards which are not available in physical form and which incorporate various random attributes that would be difficult or impossible to replicate in real life.

Quite a tough game to find this is and rightly so. I can imagine that many people who do own it have no intention of letting it go. Presentation is as beautiful as you can get on the Dreamcast with some wonderful character models and back grounds. The player interface it extremely easy to get to grips with as well so even those of you who can't speak Japanese won't have a problem. All speech within the game is in English including the character introductions. Card sets come from the classic 6th edition complete with rules. 100's of card to choose from as well. It's just a shame I haven't got a bloody clue how to play the game.

Based on the sixth edition of Wizards of the Coast's immensely popular trading card game, Magic: The Gathering is an Internet-ready title for the Dreamcast featuring online play and chat features. Trade cards with the VMU. Experience an all-new story in single-player mode with unique opponents and cards to challenge. Official card artwork from Kevin Walker, RK Post, and others will of course be used for the game's cards.

Editor's Note:
Release date is for Japan, although Sega of America has already confirmed a North American release.
Added on: November 06, 2000

MDG Database
"A Well-Made Console Version (with its faults)"

This is a review of the Dreamcast game Magic the Gathering (MtG) that was released in Japan on June 28th for 6800yen. To begin, let me describe what type of MtG player I am. I started playing MtG at the end of the Legends set and played straight until Ice Age. Then, I played off and on since then. But, since coming to Japan, I haven't played at all. I have played the PC version of MtG, but not that terrible Playstation action game.

This version is a good one. There are 354 cards from various sets that you can play, almost all fom the 6th Edition Classics set. There are also ten new Dreamcast only cards in the game. The price of the game, at 6800 yen, 1000yen (or $13US) more than a typical game is not very reasonable. I guess that Sega feels that they probably put a lot of development into this game (especially, AI wise) and wants some of that back. Plus, they are probably figuring that the people that want this game pretty much have played MtG before and are willing to shell out a bit more for it. In Japan, is has been a strange game. It was reported in the magazines over a year ago that it was coming out. Since then, it has barely been in the magazines at all. Then, the reviews, and that was it. It's strange because this is the country with a weekly game magazine and several bi-monthly Dreamcast ones. I was originally worried that it might have been shelved since the halting of the Dreamcast, but it made it.
Is it worth it?

Well, yes and no. I have read basically mediocre reviews of the game in the game magazines in Japan, but most of them admitted that they've never played the card game before. The highest review that I have seen is an 8/10. Japanese Famitsu gave it straight sevens.

The graphics are good. The card effects are generally well done and add to the game without wasting too much of your time. But, I find it tiring to wait for the tapping effect above all. Veteran players will quickly turn off the effects. The bosses that you fight are well-done graphically, supported by English voices. Whenever you play a card, there is an English voice, saying the name of the card. Otherwise, the cards are written in Japanese, including the text.

How is the AI? The AI is not that stupid, but it is not that great either. It will attack you if it can definitely win, or if it has an instant in its hand to offset the result. So, it is pretty predictable. But, it is okay with instants and end of turn effects. I find the AI is the worst with combat. It doesn't take into special effects, so it is pretty easy to fool. The computer opponents play a lot of creature decks. There are a couple of land-destruction decks too. There aren't any real surprising decks.

The sound is okay. I usually don't pay much attention to it. The sound effects are nice. However, every time you access a menu or choose a card, there is a ring, which you can't turn off! So, I usually turn the volume totally off.

The Story mode is a bit easy, to say the least. There is a boss for each color, and two sub-bosses. Then there are three final bosses. None of them are extremely hard for a veteran player. If you are a beginner, the tutorial and basic cards sets would be a great introduction to the game, if you understand Japanese. If you are an intermediate player, you might find this game interesting and worth the purchase. If you are an advanced player, this game will be too easy for you, and you will be limited in cards; playing a computer AI that you will easily beat.

+ Well-made graphics for the game, cards and tutorial
+ Tutorial is well-presented (in Japanese)
+ Card effects are nice (and can be turned off)

+ Generally uses instants well
- Counterspells are easy to fool
- AI problems during combat

+ Sound effects are and music are nice
- Ringing effect is annoying

+ Joystick control is easy to play with
- Mouse support would be best
- Can't replace the feel of the card game

+ Ten Dreamcast cards are a nice addition
+ 354 cards in total
- Story mode is too easy and short
- Lack of network play!
- Lack of English support (not intended for other markets)
- Can't trade cards between saves

Hours of play:
Beginner 30-50
Intermediate 20-30
Advanced 5-10

Reviewer's Score: 8/10, Originally Posted: 05/27/02, Updated 05/27/02

The purpose of this thread is to provide a large list of 'infinite' mana combos, so that all who thirst may be drenched.

Pentavus/Thopter Squadron + Dross Scorpion + Gilded Lotus/Thran Dynamo/Basalt Monolith/Grim Monolith/Mana Vault

Soul Foundry(0cc creature) + Dross Scorpion + mana altar

Triskelion + Scythe of the Wretched + Dross Scorpion + a mana artifact

Ornithopter + Skeleton Shard + Dross Scorpion + Gilded Lotus + something to sacrifice to (Altar of Dementia, Atog, etc.)

2 Myr Retrievers + Ashnods Altar + Helm of Awakening/Tangleroot/Urzas Incubator (with the Incubator you could use a Phyrexian Altar)

2 Myr Retrievers + Dross Scorpion + 3-mana artifact (Gilded Lotus) + something to sacrifice to (Atog, Altar of Dementia, etc.)

Karn, Silver Golem or Toymaker + Grim Monolith* + 2 Heartstones

Enduring Renewal + 0cc creature + mana altar

Angelic Renewal + Auramancer + Ashnods Altar + Farrelite Priest + Pearl Medallion

Argothian Elder + Maze of Ith

Verdant Succession + mana altar + Elvish Soultiller or 2 Nantuko Tracers

Priest of Titania + Argothian Elder + 2 Wirewood Lodges + another elf

Seeker of Skybreak + Krosan Restorer + threshold + Wirewood Lodge

Argothian Elder + Wirewood Lodge + a land with Fertile Ground**

Fastbond + Storm Cauldron + damage prevention (Urzas Armor, Glacial Chasm)

Ashnods Altar + Words of Wilding + Fecundity + a sacrificial victim (+ Soul Warden for 'infinite' life)

Aluren + 2 Myr Retrievers/Junk Divers + a mana altar

Aluren + self-bouncer + Tangleroot

animated Isochron Scepter(Vitalize) + mana creatures

Squirrel Nest + Earthcraft + a mana altar

Gilded Lotus + Pemmins Aura + Aphetto Alchemist/artifact animation

Power Artifact + Grim Monolith*

Soul Foundry(0cc creature) + Intruder Alarm + Aphetto Alchemist/artifact animation + a mana creature

Dream Tides + Thran Dynamo + artifact animation

Triskelion + Scythe of the Wretched + Intruder Alarm + a mana creature (Silver Myr)

Parallax Tide + High Tide + Treasure Trove + Words of Wind

Equilibrium + 2 Cloud of Faeries (one in hand) + High Tide

Palinchron + High Tide + 6 islands

Capsize + Tolarian Academy + Candelabra of Tawnos + other artifacts/other lands that produce multiple mana (Scorched Ruins, Urza's lands)

Mischeivous Quanar + Turnabout + 9 mana to begin the loop

Rotlung Reanimator + Conspiracy + mana altar + sacrificial victim

Thopter Squadron + Sadistic Glee + Ashnods Altar

4 Ashen Ghouls (in the graveyard) + Ashnods Altar + Initiates of the Ebon Hand/Bog Initiate

Mana Echoes + Pentavus

Goblin Warrens + Mana Echoes + Skirk Prospector

Goblin Welder + Ashnods Transmogrant + Dross Scorpion + Cathodion/Su-Chi + an artifact in your graveyard

Aggravated Assault + enough red or artifact mana creatures

Enduring Renewal + Aluren + 3cc creature + mana altar (or a creature that you can sacrifice for mana like Blood Pet, Blood Vassal, Morgue Toad, or Tinder Wall)

Channel + Pentavus + 3 Soul Wardens/Angelic Choruses

Fecundity + Mortuary can replace Enduring Renewal in the White and Green/White combos above

Carnival of Souls + Soul Warden + Triskelion + Scythe of the Wretched

Isochron Scepter(Roar of the Kha) + March of the Machines + Gilded Lotus/Thran Dynamo/etc.

Second Sunrise + Scrivener + Zuran Orb + 4 lands + something to sacrifice the Scrivener to (like Altar of Dementia)

Second Sunrise + Scrivener + Phyrexian Altar + 3 other creatures

Mobilization + Mana Echoes + Farrelite Priest

Aggravated Assault + mana creatures and/or animated lands.

Goblin Warrens + Mana Echoes + Skyshroud_Elf


Lots and lots of these.

Pemmins Aura goes with
Wirewood Channeler, Argothian Elder***, Earthcraft + Fertile Ground**, land animation + Fetile Ground**, Tolarian Academy + land animation + 2 artifacts, ...

Aluren + Cloud of Faeries + Cowardice + Lightning Greaves

Dream Tides + Lotus Vale + land animation

Krosan Restorer + Wirewood Lodge + threshold + Imagecrafter, Artificial Evolution, Unnatural Selection, Standardize, or Mistform Wakecaster

Quicksilver Elemental + Brass Man + a creature that produces at least two mana (Fyndhorn Elder, Nantuko Elder, Argothian Elder)

Mind Over Matter + Arcanis the Omnipotent + mana creatures + 3 Legacy Weapons (to make sure you always have 3 cards to draw)

Fastbond + Trade Routs + a land that taps for two or more mana (Tolarian Academy) + damage prevention (Glacial Chasm, Urzas Armor)

Intruder Alarm
goes with creatures that produce creatures like Voice of the Woods, Wall of Kelp, Jungle Patrol, Nemata, Grove Guardian, Phelddagrif, artifact animation/Aphetto Alchemist + Nusiance Engine/Hornet Cannon/Diamond Kaleidoscope/Soul Foundry/etc.
mana creatures and/or animated lands

it also goes with
Squirrel Nest + animated lands

Wirewood Symbiote + Imagecrafter + Nantuko Elder, Argothian Elder, or any creature that taps for two mana

Aluren + a 3cc self-bouncer (like Man-o-War) + mana creatures and/or animated lands

Shrieking Drake + 2 Birds of Paradise (or other suitable arrangment of mana creatures)

Words of Wilding + Symbiotic Deployment + mana creatures and/or animated lands

Mass land animation + Riptide Laboratory + a cheap wizard

Conspiracy (elf) + Wirewood Symbiote + Fyndhorn Elder or any creature that taps for at least two mana (one of them green)
(when you replay the Symbiote, it doesn't remember it was used before, so you can return him again)

Rotlung Reanimator + Artificial Evolution + mana altar + sacrificial victim

Intruder Alarm + Hells Caretaker + Tangleroot or a mana creature (Leaden Myr) + 2 sacrificial victims (one in graveyard) (this Hell's Alarm engine can be used in many ways, such as with Rishadan Brigand and Vengeful Dead)

Worldgorger Dragon (in a graveyard) + Animate Dead or Necromancy (unless you can use this mana to win at instant speed, you need another creature in a graveyard or an instant way to remove the Dragon (Tormods Crypt, Swords to Plowshares, etc))

Lab Rats + Mana Echoes + Bog Initiate/Initiates of the Ebon Hand (+ Memory Crystals)

2 Hells Caretakers + Fervor/Mass Hysteria + Tangleroot

Intruder Alarm + Goblin Welder + Su-Chi/Cathodion (Onulet for life)

Palinchron + Mana Flare + 6 lands

Intruder Alarm + Sneak Attack + a self-bouncer (Man-o-War) + Iron Myr/Sisters of the Flame + another mana creature

Mobilization + Mana Echoes + Skyshroud Elf

Saber Ants + Pemmins Aura + Goblin Sharpshooter + Ashnods Altar

Intruder Alarm + Sneak Attack + Wizard Mentor + Skyshroud Elf + Nantuko Elder/Fyndhorn Elder/Argothian Elder

Sneak Attack + Wizard Mentor + Skyshroud Elf + Elvish Aberration

Aluren + Equilibrium + Priest of Gix + any 3cc or less creature

Soul Warden + Carnival of Souls + Aluren + a self-bouncer (like Man-o'-War) (+ another Soul_Warden for 'infinite' life; Soul_Warden can be replaced with Angelic_Chorus)

Channel + Yawgmoths Bargain + Words of Worship

Priest of Yawgmoth + Cathodion/Su-Chi + Enduring Renewal + Intruder Alarm (+ Scrapheap for 'infinite' life)
(Enduring Renewal can be replaced by Mortuary + Fecundity)

Mischievous Quanar + Celestial Dawn + Brightstone Ritual + 9 goblins

All colors
Sliver Queen + Mana Echoes

Sliver Queen + Hearstone + Ashnods Altar

Sliver Queen + Heartstone + Victual Sliver + Channel

Sliver Queen + atifact animation + Intruder Alarm + Grim Monolith/Bassalt Monolith/Thran Dynamo/Mana Vault (Sol Ring will get you limitless slivers but not limitless mana)

Limitless creatures +
a mana altar

Carnival of Souls + Soul Warden

Tangleroot (in some cases)

Limitless life +

Viridian Joiner + Hatred
(in fact, any combo that makes the Joiner arbitrarily powerful is an 'infinite' mana combo)

Useful stuff

The mana altars are Ashnods Altar and Phyrexian Altar. The latter is generally preferable, the former is sometimes necessary.

0cc creatures include Ornithopter, Phyrexian Walker, Shield Sphere, various Kobolds, and one mana clerics with an Edgewalker in play.

Lands can be animated with Natures Revolt, Living Plane, Living Lands, Lifespark Spellbomb, Ambush Commander, Natural Emergence, Quirion Druid, Thelonite Druid, Verdant Touch, Natural Affinity, Kamahl, Fist of Krosa, Jolrael, Empress of Beasts, Life/Death, Mishras Groundbreaker, Living Terrain, Vivify, and Animate Land.

Artifacts can be animated by March of the Machines, Karn, Silver Golem, Xenic Poltergeist, Toymaker, Animate Artifact, and Karns Touch.

Mana fixers change the color of mana: Skyshroud Elf, Initiates of the Ebon Hand, Bog Initiate, Farrelite Priest, Nomadic Elf, Agent of Stromgald, Sunglasses of Urza.
With a limitless supply of life and an Initiate, Blood Celebrant can fix your mana completely. For the life add Wellwisher to any of the combos with Intruder Alarm, or add Soul Warden to any of the combos with Aluren.

Mana creatures:
Green mana creatures include Argothian Elder, Birds of Paradise, Birchlore Rangers, Citanul Hierophants, Elves of Deep Shadow, Elvish Aberration, Fyndhorn Elder, Fyndhorn Elves, Harvester Druid, Heart Warden, Juniper Order Druid, Krosan Restorer, Ley Druid, Llanowar Elves, Nantuko Elder, Priest of Titania, Quirion Elves, Quirion Explorer, Rofellos, Llanowar Emissary, Seton, Krosan Protector, Skyshroud Elf, Skyshroud Troopers, Urborg Elf, Utopia Tree, Vine Trellis, Werebear, Wirewood Channeler, and Wirewood Elf.
There's also Copper Myr, Gold Myr, Silver Myr, Leaden Myr, Iron Myr, Apprentice Wizard, Llanowar Dead, Lotus Guardian, Manakin, Metalworker, Millikin (problematic), Princess Lucrezia, Riven Turnbull, Sea Scryer, Sisters of the Flame, and Sunastian Falconer.

Self-bouncers can return themselves to your hand when they come into play. Those that can be used with Aluren include Man-o-War, Cavern Harpy, Fleetfoot Panther, Horned Kavu, Lava Zombie, Shrieking Drake, Silver Drake, and 2 Timid Drakes. Others include Blinking Spirit, Doomsday Specter, Marsh Crocodile, Razing Snidd, Sawtooth Loon, Shivan Wurm, Sparkcaster, and Steel Leaf Paladin.

*- Basalt Monolith (note its errata) can also untap itself with the help of a mana fixer to change the source of the mana (like money laundering, but with mana)

**- Fertile Ground can usually be replaced with Wild Growth, Overgrowth, Elvish Guidance, Overlaid Terrain, Extraplanar Lens, Mana Flare, or Miraris Wake

***- Krosan Restorer + threshold can be used in place of Argothian Elder in most combos.

Definition: By "'infinite' mana combo" I mean a set of cards which, when in the right zones, give you access to arbitrarily large amounts of mana. Of course it is impossible to ever have an infinite amount of mana in your pool, which is why I use the '' marks. By 'infinite' I mean effectively infinite, limitless, or arbitrarily large. The presence of a few mana producing lands and lack of summoning sickness is typically taken for granted and not mentioned.

Credit: Each of these combos has, no doubt, been discovered, independently, by dozens of people. Because of this fact, and the logistical problems involved in finding the identity of the first person ever to think of each combo, none of the combos will be credited. In particular, I do not take credit for any of these combos.


If you use a Fyndhorn elder with a Freed From the Real, and an Orochi leaf caller. You can tap the elder get 2 green, then pay one green to make a blue with the leafcaller, use that blue to untap the elder with the Freed from the Real, netting 1 green mana that can be changed to any color if necessary, I find it best with Banefire, or Fireball. All with cheapo and relativly common cards.


Magic: The Gathering translation
Код: Выделить всё
  _____                                                            ______
 \\    |____   ____    ____   /\___   ____   ____    ____    ____ \\  __/__
  _\   |   /___\__ \___\__ \_/    /___\  /___\ _ \___\__ \___\__ \_/\_____ \_
  \__  _  __/    / _/    / _/    / _/  \/_/   / __/  __  _/   /  _/      /  /
   /   |   \_______\_______\_______\_____\____   \___/___\___/___\____  /  /
  /____|    \_  :                       :  _/    |    senser[sac]    /____//
       |_____// :.. . [ HOOLiGANS ] . ..: \\_____|

                      Magic: The Gathering (Jap Dc) (c) Sega
  Platform: Dc                                                    Disks: 1 Cd
 The planewalker war rages across the continent of Corondor. BattleMage
 Ravidel has gone insane from grief and betrayal. He now seeks the destruction
 of all other planewalkers and the conquest of the land itself.
 Can you beat him?

 More infos at...: http://www.sega.co.jp/dreamcast/DB/010602.html

 Be sure to check out our other release from today:
 - Neon Genesis Evangelion Typing E Plan (Jap Dc)
 - The Psychological Game (Jap Dc)
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    \         /     \ _____    /___  \_ \    / ___  \_ \ \   /_____  /
     \___l___/   |   \_    \  /   /___/_____/___l____/__\___/_______/-M
    <-------\_________/ |   \____/------------------------------------>


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Охренеть, никогда бы не подумал, что эта игра есть на Дриме! Супер.
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Что-то про перевод сёнет новостей её :(
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