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NEO XYX / Neo Zaikusu / ネオ ザイクス [2014]

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Genre: Shoot 'em up
Developer: NG.DEV.TEAM
Publisher: NG.DEV.TEAM
Data: Fabruary 17, 2014
CD: 1
Format: .cdi
Selfboot: Yes

NEO XYX is the first TATE Maniac Shooter on NEO·GEO™. Now on NEO·GEO™ and Dreamcast™

Game Features:
6 stages with varied and colorful settings
6 endbosses
5 midbosses
16-bit hand-drawn graphics (dot graphics)
Switchable between vertical (TATE) and horizontal controls (YOKO)
The HUD/score/lives/bombs etc. switch between TATE and YOKO too.
Maniac shooting gam
Professional printed CD

Supported Accessories (Dreamcast™) :
VGA (requires a VGA box) / LOWRES
S-VIDEO and RGB at 240p
Original pad
Arcade stick (buttons are fully customizable)

REGION FREE / 60hz both NTSC and PAL60

ARCADE - true tate/vertical
HORIZONTAL - rotated controls and HUD
VERTICAL - vertical in portrait view
VERTICAL.S - vertical in portrait view with scaling

What language does the manual speak?
It speaks English and Japanese.

Does it support VMU?
Yes it supports the offcial VMU. Some 3rd Party Memory Cards may not work.

What's the games resolution?
240p (progressive lowres)

Does it support my VGA box?

What's the best screen setup to display the game?
CRT via RGB cable or CRT via VGA box.

Will it work on my LCD with VGA?
Yes, but the quality of the picture depends on the TVs built-in upscaler or external upscaler.

Will it display highres?
No. Even with a VGA box utilized the game won't display highres. It will still display lowres graphics.

Does this game supports Internet Ranking?

Does this game supports Online Ranking via BBA?

Is the game Region Free?

Is the game compatible with my DC?
It's compatible with all European, US and Japanese DC units built before October 2001.

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Re: NEO XYX / Neo Zaikusu / ネオ ザイクス [2014]

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