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DC-UK Issue 16

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Release date: december 2000
Publisher: Future Publishing
Number of pages: 116
Language: English
Format: .jpg

DC-UK issue 16 from December 2000 has been digitised and archived over at Out-of-Print Archive. The magazine, which was scanned by 3style, covers Sega’s illfated – although critically successfull – Dreamcast. To accompany the release there are four online articles taken from the magazine itself: a feature on the JAMMA show of 2000, as well as reviews of Half-Life, Jet Set Radio and Seaman. The magazine in its entiretly can be downloaded for free from the magazine’s webpage, where you will also find editorial and contents of the publication.
DC-preview :
Quake III Arena (p.6)
Le Mans 24 Hours (p.10)
Sega GT (p.14)
Dino Crisis (p.16)
Worms World party (p.18)
Chicken Run (p.20)
Frogger 2: Swampy's Revenge (p.22)
European Super League (p.24)
Pod II (p.26)
Dinosaur (p.27)
Capcom VS SNK (p.28)
Tony Hawk's Skateboarding 2 (p.30)

DC-review :
Jet Set Radio (p.52)
Half-Life (p.58)
Ultimate Fighting Championship (p.64)
Silent Scope (p.68)
Street Fighter III: Third Strike (p.72)
Extreme Sports (p.74)
International Track and Field (p.76)
Looney Tunes Space Race (p.78)
Seaman (p.80)
NFL2K1 (p.82)
DC-news :
Tomb Raider Chronicles (p.32)
Unreal Tournament (p.34)
Dead or Alive 2 (p.35)
Samba De Amigo Ver.2000 (p.36)
Championship Surfer (p.37)
Driver 2 to park on DC? (p.37)
DC mouse & microphone (p.38)
Tokyo Game Show 2000 (p.42)
Arcade news:
JAMMA Special:
Crack'n DJ (p.40)
NASCAR Arcade (p.40)
Confidential Mission (p.41)
NAOMI 2 (p.41)

DC-feature :
From geek… to chic (p.46)

DC-tips :
Virtua Tennis player's guide (p.90)
Ferrari 355 Challenge players guide (p.96)