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Новые релизы Dreamcast сцены

СообщениеДобавлено: 25 фев 2011, 03:18
Здесь будут новости о горячих релизах Dreamcast сцены.

24-го февраля 2011 года NU-NRG сделал релиз Fast_Striker_RF_DC-iND:
Код: Выделить всё
     ________/\  ____________
    /___/      \/   /        \
   /   /       /   /    /    /
  /   /    /      /    /    /
 /   /____/ \  __/_________/
/___/        \/ Proudly Presents:

<----[Release Info]--------------------------------------->

  Game          -  Fast Striker
  Release Date  -  24.02.2011
  Platform      -  Sega Dreamcast
  Country       -  Region Free
  File Name     -  ind-fasts
  RAR's         -  17x20MB

<----[Release Notes]-------------------------------------->

  This one nearly slipped under the radar. Enjoy


  Everyone in the scene.

Re: Новые релизы Dreamcast сцены

СообщениеДобавлено: 10 сен 2011, 13:51
1-го сентября 2011 года Hykan поздравил всех с Днём знаний релизом Interlude (J) - Hykan 99min:
Как известно этот 110 минутный образ нельзя было разделить по причине того, что он состоял всего из одного DATA файла. Но не таков фанат, если не справится с любыми сложностями. Поэтому теперь можно насладиться новеллой полностью. Все запаслись 99-минутными дисками? 8-)

Код: Выделить всё
          Title....: Interlude

          Supplier.: 110min Interlude.iso   -  Date.....: 1/9/2011
          Selfboot.: Hykan                  -  Genre....: Adventure
          Platform.: SEGA DC                -  Files....: 36x20MB
          Origin...: JAP/NTSC               -  Filename.: hyk-inte.partxx.rar
          Type.....: .nrg 99min             -  Ripped...: see note

  Release Notes                         
- ----------------------------- -

The game has been ripped and tested to be working personally by myself. I have
captured about 99%CG with the help of a walkthrough for PS2 missing 2/472.

The game uses a very big file DATA.IMG which is 922M. Many of data inside are
duplicated. After cleaning up, the file size is reduced to 748M and can be
fitted to 95min CDR. Nothing should have been ripped.

The test CDs were burnt with Nero DAO at 16X speed, overburnt to 99
  Rip notes (technical)                       
- ----------------------------- -
*The following notes are a bit technical and is useless to 99% of the users.
*The info is intended for technical users who know what they are doing and if
*they found anything wrong with my procedures, they can correct me or perhaps
*release a ppf.

The Game is huge !!

The main protection here is a huge file DATA.IMG. It is simply a collection of
*.BIN, *.VTV and *.LTA. However, many of them are duplicated entries.

The FAT is encrypted. I have written scripts to decrypt and re-encrypt it. With
these scripts, I am able to extract the files and after cleaning up and
removing duplicates, the file reduces to 748M which nicely fit into a 95min CDR.

The game also checks the file size of DATA.IMG. To fix this protection, I have
modified the ISO File system with a fake file size.

I believe one of the file type is a variation of audio foramt. I have no
experience in audio formats but I believe that someone can down-sampled them
and make the game fit on 80min CDR.

I have included the scripts I used in case someone is interested in making a
80min release.

Final Notes:

Like all of my previous releases, the images were created with a variation of
Echelon's method and hex edited directly into Nero format without burning to CDR
- ----------------------------- -
Gosseyn , Rayearth , blibbero , NU-NRG & all contributing members of Sega Palace

Special Thanks to blibbero for his contributions. You know what I mean :)

Парни, кто может перевести инфу из NFO, сделайте это. Было бы интересным многим знать что и по чём @}->--

Ожидаем в скором времени Dousokai 2 - Again and Refrain. Это тоже пока большой релиз, который не помещается на один диск.