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Super Famicom PAD MOD to work with PAL SNES

СообщениеДобавлено: 29 янв 2018, 16:46
Modified Super Famicom Controller (PAL SNES Compatible)

Hi Folks,
there are two ways to make Super Famicom Pads work on a PAL SNES.

a) You can mod the ControllerPort inside the PAL SNES and shortcut the 4 diodes with some wire.

b) You mod the controller inside

I found different PCB generations inside the SuperFamicom. A PCB copyright 1992 shows with big arrows: Only P

https://mega.nz/#!W00yiSyY!ZMX39LAlfQ5W ... Ngw3trEz0c

OK I have a look inside a PAL SNES Controller and shows to me: R1=1,2kOhm and R2=3kOhm.
I done a quickshot with standard Resistors and used 1,2k and 3,3k. And :-) Yeah a japanese Controller is working on my PAL SNES.

A “older” japanese PCB from 1991 is missing the two resistor spaces. After checking the cirquits at 1992 Layout, no problem for this layout too.

Put 1,2kOhm between Pin 5 and Pin 4 and

3,3k between Pin 5 and Pin 3

of the ControllerCable Connector and it works too

https://mega.nz/#!SttmUbSK!h_eL9lDWsMyt ... VGSAESK7Ds

Have Fun