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Ring, The (USA) [ECHELON]

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Ring, The (USA) [ECHELON]

Сообщение Lin » 28 июн 2014, 12:39

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Genre: Survival horror
Developer: Asmik Ace Entertainment, Nurding Group
Publisher: Infogrames
Data: August 22, 2000
CD: 1
Format: .cdi
Selfboot: Yes


Kadokawa and Asmik Ace sign their first Resident like or if we can call that
game a resident like. There are a lot of subtilities in the game. The Ring
separate clearly adventure and action. In the "reality" you are MEG. It seems
that she was the girlfriend of Robert ( we will be fix with the translation ).
Robert has created the next generation in video games : THE RING. For Robert
it's more than a video games (and to say the truth he was not so wrong). As you
will see by playing the game, it's a parallel of their world (a friend told me
of a devil dimension like in Silent Hill). But something happens, a virus
changes the data, game becomes a reality when you play it and reality is a
game. That's the entire originality of the Ring.

The game begins after a long FMV, thanks to Kadokawa (Lunar...), of good
quality but it's the only one i have seen. Maybe there is another one at the
end of the game. Gulp... . The cut scenes have nothing special. Fortunately you
can zap them.

The graphics are the hard point of the game. In the reality they are correct
for 2F, very cool for 1F and quite ugly for B1. In the Ring you have a problem
of light. You have a lamp and some batteries and you visit a dark world. You'll
fix the light later in the game but the graphics reach the quality of B1. At
least the game is too dull blue green for the player. The cold atmosphere in
the CDC SOCIETY is adapted to the story.

The animation is average. Good because all movements are real, bad because Meg
is too slow when she walks and too speed when she runs. It creates some bugs
when you want to investigate a drawer or a cupboard or a locker. In addition of
that some monsters are quicker than you. You can change the camera in the
Options menu but not in the game. Type B is auwful, Type A is the same as in
Veronica, Type C is a hybrid of A and B and type D is a first person view, cool
for investigation but auwful for battles.

I give credits to the music. I don't like the one of 2F but notice that there
is one music for one floor. Quite original. The digit are good but not

The controls are hard. You play with the cross and not the analogic control
(when the conceptors will understand that Play and Sat are dead). I think that
Meg is too slow when she shots, however she has an excellent precision.

As you can see the game is full of drawbacks (have i talk of bugs with ladder)
but some points are good. The more you kill the monster the strongest they
become. The imaginary acts like a real video game. If the adventure is
difficult in the reality, it's ultra hard in the ring because you are alone and
without directive. I wait 2 hours of normal play, without searching for my way
to go to 1F. I hope for the game that the monster will come in reality or more
people transform like Robert. Even if the story is interesting the Ring is not
a top. If you know the original video maybe it could be interesting. As a
player i must admit that the game is dull blue green for interesting a
classical player, but also as a player i want to know the secret of the Ring.

GRAPHICS : 14/20
SOUND : 16/20
CONTROLS : 13/20
INTEREST : 13/20


Код: Выделить всё
    __|_____ _________________________________________________________|__
      |                                                              .|
      :          _ ___ _________      -  E  C  H  E  L  O  N  -    .::|
 ___ ________  _______ __      /  ___ ________________  _________   _________
    _____    \/     _/  /    _/___   _____    \      /_/    _    \__\  _     \
  _/    /   _/      |  /          \_/    /   //     / _____ /    /     /    //
 //    ____//       |_//    /     //    _____/    _/_/    //    /     /     /
    __|_________________________________________________________ _____|__
      |                                                               |
      `- Proudly Presents:

      Game.....: The Ring (C) Infogrames

      Origin...: USA - NTSC           -  Filename.....: E-RING.001
      Released.: September 28th, 2000 -  Format.......: DiscJuggler (CDI)
      Platform.: Sega Dreamcast (DC)  -  CD(s)........: 1
      CD1 Info.: 25 RARS / 74 MINS    -  Ripped.......: FMV Downsampled

    - --- Release Notes ------------------------------------------------>

    Survival horror has entered a new Realm.  A deadly computer virus is
    killing humans.  You have been infected and have 7 days to live unless
    you find a cure and stop the dreadful virus from spreading.  Search for
    clues and unlock the deadly secrets that lie between two worlds
    Game Features:
    - Defeat an army of hideous monstrosities.
    - Slay deadly creatures with an arsenal of weapons.

    - Fully interactive 3D environments immerse you in the mystery and
    - Seek the knowledge of others in your search for clues to stop
      the virus.
    - Use stealth and cunning to survive.
    - Intricately woven and terrifying plot keeps you on the edge of
      your seat.
    - Based on the Japanese smash hit comic book, movie and television
    - --- Group News --------------------------------------------------->

    Another nice release from the best, will we ever stop?
    - --- Releases ----------------------------------------------------->

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    027  The Ring (C) Infogrames                   USA/NTSC    09/28/00
    - --- Greetings ---------------------------------------------------->

    NBC & RAZOR 1911.

    - ----------------[ Echelon Dreamcast 2000 - You Will Believe! ]---->

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Re: Ring, The (USA) [ECHELON]

Сообщение jet-set » 24 сен 2016, 18:35

Из всех игр страшилок что мне довелось поиграть эта самая жуткая.
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Re: Ring, The (USA) [ECHELON]

Сообщение Lin » 24 сен 2016, 18:37

Ага. Клевая. Было страшно бегать в подвале в темноте.
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Re: Ring, The (USA) [ECHELON]

Сообщение jet-set » 24 сен 2016, 18:42

Особенно когда в фонарике садится батарейка, вообще жуть.
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На пути истины
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