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Katana SDK R10 (Installer) CD-RIP ISO archived TheIsoZone.com

Programs PC for work with DC

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Katana SDK R10 (Installer) CD-RIP ISO archived TheIsoZone.com

Сообщение Rio » 11 ноя 2012, 23:12

Dreamcast official SDK release 10
Iso rip from original CD
Compressed into 7z archive

Код: Выделить всё
Changes from R9 to R10


 - Shinobi.lib updated to version 1.62.

 - Integrated C++ with multiple compilers.For Gnu and Metrowerks, we
 fixed the path naming problem so that there are no more conflicts
 between Hitachi header files and gcc header files.

 - C++ global constructors were not being called at the appropriate
 time; Shinobi initialization was clobbering C++ constructors.This
 has been fixed.

 - We now call the Hitachi C++ global constructors in the sbinit.c
 file, as well as the gcc and Metrowerks C++ global constructors.

 - Added the fnomacsave compilation parameter to gcc.Multiplying on
 SH-4 puts the results in MACL and MACH.Hitachi presumes that these
 registers are not preserved during a function call.gcc previously
 assumed that they were preserved.This has been fixed.

 - All malloc() operations internally call syMalloc(), regardless of
 the compiler used.Previously, users of gcc and Metrowerks were
 using the compiler's own internal memory allocation, making global
 memory management difficult.

 The following files were ADDED for R10:
 sg_fm.h sg_dpldr.h sg_sd2.h

 SH4_mwerks.h - Replaces sh4_mwk.h

 The following files were REMOVED for R10:
 sg_syscd.hsh4scif.h smachine.h

 SH4_mwk.h - replaced with SH4_mwerks.h

 The following functionality was ADDED to R10:
 typedef SYS_MALLOC_IF

 Support added for country keyboards
 #define PDD_KBDLANG_JP0x01 /* Japan
 s#define PDD_KBDLANG_US0x02 /* America
 #define PDD_KBDLANG_UK0x03 /* England
 #define PDD_KBDLANG_GERMANY 0x04 /* Germany
 #define PDD_KBDLANG_FRANCE0x05 /* France
 #define PDD_KBDLANG_ITALY 0x06 /* Italy
 #define PDD_KBDLANG_SPAIN 0x07 /* Spain
 #define PDD_KBDLANG_SWEDEN0x08 /* Sweden
 #define PDD_KBDLANG_SWITZER 0x09 /* Switzerland
 #define PDD_KBDLANG_NETHER0x0a /* The Netherlands
 #define PDD_KBDLANG_PORTUGAL0x0b /* Portugal
 #define PDD_KBDLANG_LATIN 0x0c /* Latin America
 #define PDD_KBDLANG_CANFRENCH 0x0d /* Canadian French
 #define PDD_KBDLANG_RUSSIA0x0e /* Russia
 #define PDD_KBDLANG_CHINA 0x0f /* China
 #define PDD_KBDLANG_KOREA 0x10 /* Korea


 The following functionality was CHANGED to R10:
 Changed from macros to functions
 syMalloc- changed from macro to function
 syRealloc - changed from macro to function
 syCalloc- changed from macro to function
 syFree- changed from macro to function

 Changed to incorporate
 shinobi_workaround - changed order of program initiation so that
 shinobi setup isn't overwritten by GNU


 - Added an in-game browser for Europe and the US. Samples can be found in
 \Sample\Net\Browser\US and \Sample\Net\Browser\Europe, respectively.

 - Added two TCP/IP stacks. Samples can be found in \Sample\Net\PW and

 - Added include sub-directories for each stack

 - Added following .h files
 pwebinc.h inet.h
 types.h types2.h

 at_api.h at_pltfm.h
 at_types.h aveppp.h
 sockfunc.h time.h



 All of the Kamui version 1 samples have been removed from the SDK.
 Sega of America recommends that all developers who were previously
 using Kamui and whose titles are not going final in the next couple of
 months, switch to Kamui2.Kamui functionality is still in the
 release, however, you must link with the Ninja libs and follow the
 Kamui2 finalization.

 The following files have been ADDED for R10:

 km2dbg.h - kamui2 debug information; see Sample\Kamui2\Km2Debug

 The following files have been REMOVED for R10:

 These files have been removed because Kamui no longer exists in the
 release. km2*.h files previously conflicted with some km*.h files and
 now conflicts have been resolved.

 kamui.h km2base.h
 km2kamuix.h km2status.h
 km2util.h kmapi.h
 kmymemory.h kmyparamdefs.h

 The following functionality has been ADDED for R10:

 Added faster level 5 macros:
 #define kmChangeStripTextureSurface
 #define kmChangeStripListType
 #define kmChangeStripUseAlpha
 #define kmChangeStripTextureAddress


 The Audio64 audio streamer has been completely reworked.The R9 version
 used synchronous Shinobi File IO calls and synchronous SH4 memory copies
 to transfer data to sound ram. The R10 version uses asynchronous File IO
 calls and DMA data transfer methods (if selected) and is much more
 efficient.A number of R9 streamer calls which are no longer used have
 been removed (see list below).

 The following is a list of API calls that have been REMOVED for R10:


 The following calls have been CHANGED for R10:


 The following calls are NEW for R10:


 The following files have been ADDED for R10:
 a64file.h a64thunk.h

 Movie / Middleware

 - Removed Duck samples. These samples would not work with Kamui2.

 - Audio64 can now be used. Sound and Movie libs are now independent of
 one another.

 The following files have been ADDED for R10:

 The following files have been REMOVED for R10:

 The following functionality has been CHANGED for R10:
 struct MWS_PLY_CPRM

 The following functionality has been ADDED for R10:

 #defineADXT_CalcDataLen(sec, nch, sfreq)(sec*nch*sfreq*18/32 + 256)
 struct _adx_talk has added memebers
 typedef void (*MW_ERRFN)
 #define mwPlyStartSj


 Changed all makefiles from "Prjectname.mak" to "makefile". When compiling
 samples you no longer have to use specify a file name.

 Added following options to command line environment:

 Can be: SHC (SHC C)
 MWERKS (Metrowerks Codewarrior C/C++)
 GNU (GNU C/C++)
 This option is currently commented out in all make files, SHC is used
 by default.

 Can be: KAMUI2

 Can be: ELF (elf file output)
 BIN (BIN file format for 1st_read.bin)
 LIB (Lib file)

 Added for additional include directories.


 - Upgraded SHC/C++ to Ver. 5.1(Release09)

 - Updated to SH SERIES ASSEMBLER Ver. 4.1B.

 - Added include sub-directory for SHC headers

 Metrowerks Codewarrior C/C++

 - Updated to version 4.0.6 Build 0518

 - Version includes new command line compiler

 - Integrated into SDK build environment.

 Known Bugs: see readme.txt

 GNU C/C++

 - Updated to version 2.9 sh4p2final 990316

 - SRCONV generates incorrect SYSROF files.
 SYSROF requires information which COFF files don't contain, and the
 Hitachi SYSROF loaders (linker & debugger) will not output error
 messages when an incorrect SYSROF file is loaded

 Flash Utility

 - Updated GDRFlash bios to version 0.53

 - Added GUI version of the flash util.


 - Updated to version 170

 - Fixes the following bugs:

 1)Parts of a Memory region that change when out of view are still not
 highlighted as changed. Redrawing the Memory region clears

 2)GPF when looking up template function names.

 3)Lockup in Load Program File, processing scope

 4)Syntax highlighting is now based on file extensions and is saved
 globally, not on a session by session basis.

 5)Need an option to disable syntax highlighting in an Editor region.
 Click Tools, Options, and select the Editor tab. Deselect the Use
 Syntax Highlighting check-box to disable syntax highlighting.

 6)You can now zoom a region in to fit the window frame and zoom out

 GD Workshop

 - Updated to version 2.9.0f.

 - Fixes the following bugs:

 1) TOC Sheet produced by GDWorkshop added 150 to tracks 1+2, this was
  based on CDCraft 2.30 this has been fixed to match 2.32

 2) Scripts containing filesource's larger than 260 characters caused a
  GPF, this now produces an error message

 3) When saving a script CDDA tracks would always use the emulation
  filepath, this has been fixed

 4) GDWorkshop can now output a TOC at anytime **NOTE** you must have
  first emulated the project (it requires a valid .HCD file)

 5) TOC format has been changed to match that of CDCraft

 6) You can now do multiple burns with a simple burn another option
  after a burn has completed

 7) If you do a test burn and it passes you are now asked if you want to
  do a real burn.

 8) Problem with track 3 being empty, track 4 having a file less than 4
  seconds produced a bad TOC, this has been fixed

 Additions :

 1) File Order Optimizer (not documented yet)

 2) Automatic track padding (empty tracks can now be emulated)

 3) When choosing an IP file the browse box defaults to *.bin

 4) Scripts can be saved with either the emulation file source or the
  original file source

 5) Tool Tip on Disc Usage

 6) Right Click menu On Disc Usage

 7) Explorer Button

 8) Default Dates on Disc Tab

 9) Update Modification Dates as an option

 10) Explorer button added.

 Known Bugs:

 - If the project has only three tracks and the third track is empty then
 the emulation will fail.


 Added Submit directory. This directory contain information to help you
 successfully submit your final submission to Sega.

 - Added models in the Ninja model format and the Lightwave format.

 - Added fonts directory for Japanese fonts.

 - Added standards directory. Contained herein are the standards for
 submitting titles to Sega.

 - Added warnings for all areas in the warning directory.


 - Removed PVRviewer and replaced with PVRTool.

 - Moved LOGO directory from \Utl\GFX\ to Submit

 - Added screen capture tool. \Utl\GFX\Capture.


 - Added Driver directory off root install directory.
 This directory contains all sound and mini-game browser binaries needed
 for game development.


 - Added version 4.0 of Acrobat Reader

 - Added new docs for:
  - Net: PlanetWebStack.pdf AccessStack.pdf

  - Kmaui2: KAM2_Gde.pdfKAM2_REF.pdf

 - Added slide presentations from SOE Bootcamp and SOA Network Bootcamp.


 - Renamed Katana.inc to DC.inc to fit European standard.


 Added CIM_UTL tool which can be found in \utl\dev\CIM_UTL. This tool
 will take a .CIM file and create a GD Workshop project, or take a GD
 Workshop project and create a .CIM file.


 Added DA INTERFACE directory which is found in \utl\dev\DAInterface

 This replaces the functionality of Salsa. This is an interface to the
 debug adapter, which is the layer that Codescape was written on top of.


 Added the gdxflash directory: \utl\dev\dbflash\gdxflash

 This directory contains the latest firmware for the GDX plus
 instructions on how to flash the unit.
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Re: Katana SDK R10 (Installer) CD-RIP ISO archived TheIsoZone.com

Сообщение Lin » 12 ноя 2012, 01:05

Спасибо за релизы :)
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