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[VIP] Shenmue Chapter 1 Yokosuka Disc 4 (JAP) [ECHELON]

[VIP] Shenmue Chapter 1 Yokosuka Disc 4 (JAP) [ECHELON]

Сообщение Lin » 16 июл 2012, 22:46

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    __|_____ _________________________________________________________|__
      |                                                              .|
      :          _ ___ _________      -  E  C  H  E  L  O  N  -    .::|
 ___ ________  _______ __      /  ___ ________________  _________   _________
    _____    \/     _/  /    _/___   _____    \      /_/    _    \__\  _     \
  _/    /   _/      |  /          \_/    /   //     / _____ /    /     /    //
 //    ____//       |_//    /     //    _____/    _/_/    //    /     /     /
    __|_________________________________________________________ _____|__
      |                                                               |
      `- Proudly Presents:

      Game.....: Shenmue: Chapter 1 Yokosuka (C) Sega / AM2

      Origin...: JAPAN - NTSC         -  Filename.....: E-SHEM1/2/3.001
      Released.: October 6th, 2000    -  Format.......: DiscJuggler (CDI)
      Platform.: Sega Dreamcast (DC)  -  CD(s)........: 3
      CD1 Info.: 27 RARS / 80 MINS    -  Ripped.......: See Release Notes
      CD2 Info.: 29 RARS / 80 MINS    -  Ripped.......: See Release Notes
      CD3 Info.: 29 RARS / 80 MINS    -  Ripped.......: See Release Notes
      Bonus CD4 Info: Music CD encoded in MP3 at 192 KBit / 44 KHZ.

    - --- Release Notes ------------------------------------------------>

    Today we present you one of the hardest and best made GD-ROM rips
    in existence. Being a game that has several years and several
    millions of dollars put into it, this game is simply a masterpiece.
    This game is so groundbreaking that it is put into its own genre:
    FREE - Full Reactive Eyes Entertainment.

    In addition, it was also one of the hardest games to rip, and it
    took about a week of effort from one of our best crackers (you know
    who you are :) to get down to the size of an 80 Minute CD.

    All speech on ALL CD's had to be downsampled, and also some
    of CD3's music data had to be blanked out completely because
    CD3 was much larger than the first 2 CD's and it is impossible to
    make all of the music fit on an 80 Minute CD. This game also had
    custom memory locations and checks on the mini-games (Space Harrier
    & Hang-On).

    This games' CD's can be swapped in the same manner which you can
    swap the Resident Evil games - Save at the end of the CD when it
    prompts you to save, Turn off the system, boot the next CD, and
    pick 'Load game' and load up that save.

    Also, we have included scanned covers with this release, as well
    as the Bonus Music CD that came with the Limited Edition version
    of this game, Shenmue Jukebox - Heart Beats. It is in MP3 format
    for all of those who want it.

    Enjoy this fine rip, and be sure to buy the English version when
    it comes out, Sega deserves your support for this masterpiece.

    - --- Game Information --------------------------------------------->

    The first chapter of Yu Suzuki's epic saga is at hand. Shenmue is
    an adventure game that transports you to Japan, circa 1986. You
    are Ryo, a young man trying to solve the mystery of his father's
    death. Along the way, you'll be treated to the most richly-detailed
    game world ever conceived. Shenmue offers a true living world,
    where characters exist on their own timelines and almost all objects
    can be manipulated and used. Over the course of the adventure, you
    will learn new hand-to-hand fighting techniques, presented in
    breathtaking motion-captured animations. You'll also interact with
    literally hundreds of characters and solve a myriad of puzzles.
    It's epic storytelling at its best, and it's only on Sega Dreamcast.

    Game Features:

    - A massive, highly detailed 3D world featuring hundreds of
      interactive characters and objects to interact with.
    - Real-time fighting and action scenes with motion capture by real
      budo experts.
    - In-game arcade features Sega classics such as Hang On and Space
    - "Magic Weather" technology brings the world to life with changes
       to landscapes, climate, and vegetation.
    - Created by Yu Suzuki, the mastermind of arcade hits such as Virtua
      Fighter & Ferrari F355 Challenge.

    A full review can also be found at:


    - --- Group News --------------------------------------------------->

    1) Notice to the public: #ECHELON on EFNet is not the official
       Echelon channel, it is rather a channel of imitators. Do not
       take anything they say to be related to ECHELON, Thanks.

    2) We generally don't do something like this, but we feel that it's
       in our best interest to let the public know the truth about
       the Maken X Self-Boot release:

       What is the point in stealing someone elses work and creating a
       non-working image? Echelon is a group about quality and
       releasing games that work 100%, in all levels (or at least we
       try to make it that way!) and we don't blatantly rape games.
       If a game is unrippable, then it is unrippable, if a game is
       unrippable to self-boot, then it is unrippable to self-boot.
       We won't rape it just to get a half-assed release out there.
       Dchackers ripped NECESSARY files for completing Maken X no
       matter what they may try to come up with for an excuse. Not to
       mention that they stole another groups  endless hours of effort,
       downsizing, reindexing, and rebuilding the custom commentary
       file on it, and what do they give us in return? Name calling.
       That is surely enough rambling about a group that doesn't even
       deserve to be mentioned in of our NFO's, so we will leave it here.
    - --- Releases ----------------------------------------------------->

    Num  Game Title & Publisher                    Origin      Date
    ---  ----------------------                    ------      ----
    001  Flag To Flag CART Racing (C) Sega Sports  USA/NTSC    09/04/00
    002  Deep Fighter (C) Ubisoft / Criterion      USA/NTSC    09/05/00
    003  Grand Theft Auto 2 (C) Take 2 / Rockstar  USA/NTSC    09/05/00
    004  Capcom VS. SNK - M.F. 2000 (C) Capcom     JPN/NTSC    09/05/00     
    005  Dino Crisis (C) Capcom                    JPN/NTSC    09/06/00
    006  Vampire Chronicles For M.S. (C) Capcom    JPN/NTSC    09/06/00
    007  Carrier (C) Jaleco                        USA/NTSC    09/08/00
    008  Blue Stinger (C) Activision / Climax      USA/NTSC    09/10/00
    009  Vigilante 8 Second Offense (C) Activision EURO/P-N    09/11/00
    010  Marvel VS. Capcom: CoSH (C) Capcom        USA/NTSC    09/11/00
    011  Plasma Sword (C) Capcom                   USA/NTSC    09/13/00
    012  Mortal Kombat Gold With CDDA (C) Midway   USA/NTSC    09/14/00
    013  NFL Blitz 2001 (C) Midway                 USA/NTSC    09/16/00
    014  Dance Dance Rev.: Club Mix (C) Konami     JPN/NTSC    09/18/00
    015  ESPN Internat. Track & Field (C) Konami   EURO/P-N    09/18/00
    ---  DC Self-Boot Tutorial (C) Echelon         ALL/ALL     09/19/00
    016  Ferrari F355 Challenge (C) Acclaim / Sega USA/NTSC    09/19/00
    017  San Francisco Rush 2049 (C) Midway/Atari  USA/NTSC    09/20/00
    018  Tetris 4D (C) BPS                         JPN/NTSC    09/20/00
    ---  SF Rush 2049 Country Fix (C) Midway/Atari USA/NTSC    09/21/00
    019  Caesar's Palace 2000 (C) Interplay        USA/NTSC    09/21/00
    020  Sega Worldwide Soccer Euro Ed. (C) Sega   EURO/P-N    09/23/00
    021  F1 World Grand Prix With CDDA (C) Sega    USA/NTSC    09/25/00
    022  Soul Fighter (C) Red Orb                  EURO/P-N    09/26/00
    023  South Park Rally (C) Acclaim              USA/NTSC    09/26/00
    024  Pen Pen Trilcelon (C) Infogrames          USA/NTSC    09/27/00
    025  Tokyo Xtreme Racer 2 (C) Crave / Genki    USA/NTSC    09/27/00
    ---  Pen Pen Trilcelon RGB Fix (C) Infogrames  USA/NTSC    09/27/00
    026  Virtual-On: OT With CDDA (C) Activision   USA/NTSC    09/27/00
    027  The Ring (C) Infogrames                   USA/NTSC    09/28/00
    028  Dead or Alive 2 Limited Ed. (C) Tecmo     JPN/NTSC    09/28/00
    029  Maken X (C) Sega / Atlus                  USA/NTSC    10/01/00
    030  Hoyle Casino (C) Havas / Berkeley         USA/NTSC    10/02/00
    031  NBA Showtime: NBA On NBC (C) Midway       USA/NTSC    10/03/00
    032  Buzz Lightyear of Star Cmd (C) Activision USA/NTSC    10/04/00
    033  Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike (C) Capcom USA/NTSC    10/05/00
    034  Bangai-O (C) Treasure                     EURO/P-N    10/05/00
    035  Shenmue Chapter 1: Yokosuka (C) Sega/AM2  JPN/NTSC    10/06/00
    - --- Greetings ---------------------------------------------------->

    NBC & RAZOR 1911.

    - ----------------[ Echelon Dreamcast 2000 - You Will Believe! ]---->

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