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Buggy Heat 90min (PAL) (WOMI)

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Buggy Heat 90min (PAL) (WOMI)

Сообщение Lin » 12 фев 2012, 19:12

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Genre: Off Road Racing
Developer: CRI
Publisger: Sega
Data: 1999
Format: .cdi

Buggy Heat (TNN Motorsports Hardcore Heat in USA) is an off-road racing video game for the Dreamcast, developed by CRI and published in the Europe by Sega.

This is one or the not so good racing games on the Dreamcast and there’s not very man of those. The game is pretty cool and looks good but it has some problems that should have been dealt with before the game went into production. The controls are kind of awkward and are kinda weird to control. You can actually slide sideways on this game which is pretty cool and makes the game interesting but makes it challenging for first time players of this game. The graphics look good but aren’t the best in some areas. I will go into more detail about them in the sections below. The sound and music in the Buggy Heat is heat is pretty good. It has a Vs mode for 2 players, which makes the game pretty fun while play 2 player vs. mode. The game has four different modes of play. Championship where you play 3 different modes of difficulty to win the championship. Time Attack where you race through tracks complete them fast. The practice mode to just mess around with and explore the way the controls work of the game. A cool thing about the game is that you can customize your cars settings from braking speed to the color of your paint. You can also pick out decals but they are limited just like the paint job color is. The game starts off easy but gets harder. It’s a good game just not one of the best racing games for the Dreamcast.

Код: Выделить всё
        ██                                                            ██
      ██   __    __                _                                    ██
    ██    / / /\ \ \___  _ __ ___ (_)                                     ██
  ██      \ \/  \/ / _ \| '_ ` _ \| |                                       ██
██         \  /\  / (_) | | | | | | |                                 _       ██
  ██        \/  \/ \___/|_| |_| |_|_|                                | |    ██
    ██                                 _ __  _ __ ___  ___  ___ _ __ | |_ ___
      ██                              | '_ \| '__/ _ \/ __|/ _ \ '_ \| __/ __|
        ██████████████████████████████| |_) | | |  __/\__ \  __/ | | | |_\__ \
                                      | .__/|_|  \___||___/\___|_| |_|\__|___/
                                      | |                                     

           █                                                        █
████████████                     Buggy Heat                         ████████████
           █                                              Dreamcast █

  █                                                                          █
  █ Region... PAL                       Date... 05-08-2009                   █
  █                                                                          █
  █ Media... 90min CD-R  / 86:58:32                                          █
  █                                                                          █
  █ Image Format... CDI                 Developer... CRI                     █
  █                                                                          █
  █ Selfboot... of course               Publisher... Sega                    █
  █                                                                          █

         ____  ____  / /____  _____ 
        / __ \/ __ \/ __/ _ \/ ___/
 _ _ _ / / / / /_/ / /_/  __(__  ) 
(_|_|_)_/ /_/\____/\__/\___/____/ 

    This rip of Buggy Heat requires a 90min CD-R.
    Everything is there and nothing has been downsampled.

    As on all of my releases, the file order is improved to shorten
    loading times and avoid unnecessary laser movement.

    Enjoy this fine release!

Thanks to:
 Xiaopang for his great support
 Echelon because they're gods
 The Dumpcast Project for providing the raw dump

████   █████   █████   █████   █████   █████   █████   █████   █████   █████████
████████   █████   █████   █████   █████   █████   █████   █████   █████   █████
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Re: Buggy Heat 90min (PAL) (WOMI)

Сообщение Romanon » 15 фев 2012, 15:23

Name: Vigilante 8 - 2nd Offense (PAL) (CDI) (SB) (90min req)
Жанр: Vehicular Combat
Разработчик: Luxoflux
Издатель: Activision
Дата выхода: 18.2.2000
"Twisted what? This game rules in car combat."

Activision's Vigilante 8: Second Offense is the sequel to the BEST car combat game on the Playstation, only this time Dreamcast gamers are getting into the fun. V82O features new levels, new characters, new missions, and a new story, yet it still retains the fun gameplay of the original. You will be satisfied to the max with this game!

The graphics are very inspiring and make you want to drive for hours across the vast regions of the United States. The background are sharp and quite detailed. The car models, while simplistic, are nice to look at. The colorful blasts from the various explosions also shine with clarity. In 2-4 player modes, some details and structures are left out. However, there is nothing to be ashamed about when showing off the splendor to your friends.

Keeping with the theme of the game, the music is straight from the 70's: well, most of it. While by themselves, these funky disco songs seem corny, they help the overall gaming experience. In fact, they motivate you to keep driving the wide variety of vehicles, most of which were popular in the 70's. Sound effects also come into play during the game, in a huge way. The various weapons and the amusing voices are never muffled, but always clear. The voice acting helps to move along the story, and adds humor to the already funny game.

Making the transition from the Playstation controller to the Dreamcast controller must not have been a hard task, as the controls are extremely tight. Most of the time, you feel like you have the car by its steering wheel. Spinning a car around quickly, selecting weapons, changing views, and firing the many weapons is never difficult to pull off. There are a few minor problems, such as being flipped up in the air for endless amounts of time due to the environment. An example of this is when you find the floatation device for your vehicle: you can be flipped over and stuck upside down in the water, unable to turn back over. Fortunately, there is a button combo(explained in the manual) which allows you to disengage the devices which you can attach to your vehicle. This problem hinders the experience in no way, however.

The story, while not extremely engaging, does help the transition from level to level. It also allows you to understand the three gangs and their motivation. There is a different ending for every character, which is usually humorous.

A vital piece of the game, this is only an improvement from the original game. From mission to mission, you will have a blast. Even with sometime silly mission objectives, such as pick-up a briefcase, you will find yourself having fun. The missions are very easy to get involved in too. There are enough additions in V820 to make even a veteran V8 player want to pick this one up.

Replay Value:
The replay value is extremely great. It should be, as you can beat the game with one character in just a few hours. Fortunately, there are new levels to open and multiple cars to unlock. You can also upgrade each and every car by destroying other enemies and collecting upgrades. This can take quite a bit of time for each character. There are 3 primary single player modes: Arcade, Quest, and Survival. Each offering hours of fun. But it gets better, as 2-4 players can enjoy the experience as well. These modes run great, if you can get used to the small screen for each character.

This game is excellent and you will not be disappointed if you spend your hard earned money on it. There is plenty of replay value, something lacking in many of today's video games. Car combat games are somewhat sparse on the Dreamcast, but even if there were dozens of games in the genre, Vigilante 8: Second Offense would rule them all.
Reviewer's Score: 9/10, Originally Posted: 10/09/01, Updated 10/09/01

3D Character Models: Steve Burke

3D Character Models: Dan Burke

3D Character Models: T. Tomlinson

Associate Producer: Byrant Bustamante

Designer: Jang Jia

Developer: Peter Morawiec

Executive Producer: Murali Tegulapalle

In game sound FX: Tim Gedemer

Publisher: Activision Inc.

Script & Production: Luxoflux Corp

Sound Element: Eric Klein

Sound Element : Jabier Marquez

Sound Element : Christian A. Salyer

Story Boards: Collin Grant

Voice Actor: J. Barrow

Voice Actor: Sam Brown

Voice Actor: Annessa Burdow

Voice Actor: Martin Chandler

Voice Actor: Donna Davis

Voice Actor: Jeannie Figueroa

Voice Actor: Brandon H.

Voice Actor: Terry H.

Voice Actor: David A. Johnston

Voice Actor: Reggie Kennedy

Voice Actor: Eric Klein

Voice Actor: Heather Kram

Voice Actor: Raynard McClease

Voice Actor: Marci Richards

Voice Actor: Christian Salyer

Voice Actor: Cisco Santacruz

Voice Actor: Ruben Sierra

Voice Actor: Terrance L. Underwood

Voice Over: Christian A. Slayer

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