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Skies of Arcadia (USA) [Hykan]

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Skies of Arcadia (USA) [Hykan]

Сообщение Lin » 14 окт 2011, 18:07

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Genre: RPG
Developer: Overworks
Publisher: Sega
Data: November 13, 2000
CD: 4
Format: .nrg
Selfboot: Yes
Nothing ripped / 99- min CD required

The age of exploration has dawned and you are about to embark on a magical journey, a voyage of discovery across the vast Skies of Arcadia in search of treasures untold, and where there is treasure, there will be Air Pirates! With over six vast lands to navigate, magnificent ships to fly and customize, a host of weapons and magical spells to be discovered and unique Internet functions to aid your quest, Skies of Arcadia is the most immense gaming experience ever created.

Код: Выделить всё
          Title....: Skies of Arcadia     

          Supplier.: Hykan         -  Date.....: 20/11/2005
          Selfboot.: Hykan         -  Genre....: RPG
          Platform.: SEGA DC       -  Files....: 17/17/18/18x20MB
          Origin...: USA/NTSC      -  Filename.: hyk-SOA1A/1B/2A/2B.partxx.rar
          Type.....: .nrg 99min    -  Ripped...: See note

  Disk info:
- ----------------------------- -


  Release Notes                                             
- ----------------------------- -
Skies of Arcadia is one of the best RPG for the Dreamcast. So far, only Echelon
has released a complete rip of the PAL version of the game. However, the PAL
game does not support VGA mode and Echelon's release pauses every now and then
while data is being accessed from the CDRs (Imagine pauses before and after
every random battle -the ridiculously high occurrence of the battles itself is
annoying enough :(  ) Other releases are either nuked or restrict you from
visiting previous places and disk 2 was never released.

To enjoy the game in its original VGA glory (and in English), I ripped the US
version of the game and splitted the 2 GDs into 4x99min CDRs (there is nothing
that can be downsampled). As pointed out by Echelon, splitting the game is not
easy and not efficient. You can't visit certain places with a certain CDR !
If you dont have a VGA cable and don't mind the loading/decompressing pauses,
the Echelon release is probably still the best release out there.
The nature of the game that you can travel around anywhere (especially later in
the game) and visit any place at any time, makes it really difficult to
determine the split points. I TRIED to remove only scenes that will never be
seen again and then mazes that you have visited (you dont want to run through
the mazes again or do you?) so that you may travel around "MORE" freely (See
notes on disks).You can still visit/land on those places, Shopping and recruit
your crew. However many scenes contain bits of other scenes and maybe reused
elsewhere and its impossible to test the game in every possible route, I just
use a walkthrough for testing with occassional revisiting places. I can only
pray that I didn't miss anything:

Disk 1A:
  No Internet access (can access from Disk 1B)
  Play upto Esparanze
  Save before going into the Dark Rift and switch to Disk 1B.
Disk 1B
  Totally free while the game itself allows, even Internet access.
  (in fact, you may begin playing as far back as Grand Fortress)

Disk 2A
  Totally free while the game itself allows,
  Save before going to the Great Silver Shrine.

Disk 2B
  DO NOT enter the following mazes(Landing is OK):
    Temple of Pyrynn (Red Giga)
    Moon Stone Mtn   (Green Giga)
    Rixis            (Green Giga)
    Daccat Island
    Mount Kazai      (Blue Giga)
    Glacia           (Purple Giga)
  If you really want to re-visit these places, save in open ocean and switch
  back to Disk 2A (no, you can't save on disk 2 and switch back to disk 1,
  finish the maze, then save and switch....)
  Rip notes (technical)                                           
- ----------------------------- -
*The following notes are a bit technical and is useless to 99% of the users.
*The info is intended for technical users who know what they are doing and if
*they found anything wrong with my procedures, they can correct me or perhaps
*release a ppf.

Most of the text that appeared in the game can be found in the me*.sct files and
these files also show what other files they are linked. I tried to build a map
of how these files are linked (yep, there are hundreds of *.sct !) which helped
me to determine what may go and what should be kept in a certain CDR.
There are dead ends in the map which means they are called from or return to
free Ocean travel (controlled propably by 1st_read.bin or other files.)
To make thing simpler, only those that were removed from a particular CD are
listed as follow:

Disk 1
  Total size 961M in 3491 files
  Linked 522 files containing 338 duplicates. (44.0M to 16.2M saving 27.8M)
  Internet related files 13M
  The main CG files are found in \field\A*.MLD. There are a total of 579M in
  757 files and these are the main targets for splitting.

  Disk 1A
                    All Internet related files   
      A019        Yafutoma
      A020          Tenkou                  (Yafutoma)
      A121          Mount Kazai              (Yafutoma)
      A122          Dark Rift
      A232          King's place - Yafutoma  (Yafutoma)
      A237          Ilchymis                 (above clounds - after Yafutoma)
      A238          Ryu-kan's isle         (beyond Dark Rift)
      A239          Hamachou                 (above clounds - Dark Rift)
      A247          Ship battles in Yafutoma
      A513          Ship battle: red bird    (above clounds)
      A523          Ship battle: gaint squid (beyond Dark Rift)
      A524          Ship battle: Anguila     (Dark Rift)
      A525          Ship battle: Tenkou ship (Yafutoma)
      A527        Ship battle: giantlooper    (beyond Rifts)
      A530          Ship battle: Vigoro        (Yafutoma)
      A531          Ship battle: blue giga   (Yafutoma)

  Disk 1B
      this disk is easy, compare those visited places in Disk 1A with Disk 2 and
      remove those that are not present in Disk 2(past, unwanted scenes):
      A002        Pirate Island
      A004          Sailor's Island
      A005          Valua
      A008          Maramba
      A010          Horteka
      A013          Nasrad
      A103          Shrine Island
      A107        Valua Upper City
      A109          Temple of Pyrynn
      A111          Moon Stone Mtn
      A112          Rixis
      A204          Red Giga battles
      A215          Green Giga battles
      A220          Red Giga battles
      A241          Green Giga battles

Disk 2
  Total 947M in 3200 files
  Linked 563 files containing 363 duplicates (51.3M to 19.6M saving 31.7M)
  Disk 2A
      A028          Great Silver Shrine
      A130          Hydra
      A131          Soltis
      A249          Awaken Zelo
      A544          Ship battle: Galcian's Elite vessel
      A545          Ship battle: Hydra
      A547          Ship battle: Zelo
      A580          Ship battle: Soltis guard
      A583          Ship battle: Soltis guard

  Disk 2B   
      A109C-E       Temple of Pyrynn maze (A109G is the new entrance)
      A111B-C       Moon Stone Mtn maze
      A112B-C       Rixis maze
      A115B-C       Daccat Island maze
      A121B-D       Mount Kazai maze
      A123B-D       Glacia maze
      A125B-C       Maw of Tartas final room/ground level before seal broken.
      A126BJ,CJ,DJ  Scenes in Dangral Island 
      A127AJ,BJ     Sonar,Battles in Vortex
      A244AI        meet Yeligar 
      A246AI        Scene after defeated Yeligar
      A535          Ship battle: Yeligar
      A540          Ship battle: DeLoco deep sea
      A541          Ship battle: DeLoco deep sea
      A573          Ship battle: Blackbeard II

Like all of my previous releases, the images were created with a variation of
Echelon's method and hex edited directly into Nero format without burning to CDR

- ----------------------------- -

Echelon  for ripping a version without VGA support
Ryucpl   for inspiring me on the possiblility of splitting the game.
         I tested Ryucpl's version and confirmed that the US VGA version is
         actually worthwhile to buy.
Darkfalz for his "Multiple File LBA Copier" that helped me to relink/remove
         duplicate files
Gosseyn , Rayearth , blibbero , NU-NRG & all contributing members of Sega Palace

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Re: Skies of Arcadia (USA) [Hykan]

Сообщение maximka5 » 18 окт 2011, 14:53

Лин,раздавать будешь,нет?
И захлестнет волною бит, ,
И станет агрессивной плоть
И разорвёт нас жёсткий басс, ,
Ведь миром правит DRUM and BASS!!!
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Re: Skies of Arcadia (USA) [Hykan]

Сообщение Lin » 18 окт 2011, 14:59

Так я раздаю. Если не идет, то проблемы не со мной. Может что глючит.
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Re: Skies of Arcadia (USA) [Hykan]

Сообщение TheVlad1mir » 10 июл 2012, 13:39

:-)Есть желание пройти Skies of Arcadia ENG на дриме. Подскажите, какая версия полностью проходима?
Аватара пользователя
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Зарегистрирован: 11 май 2011, 00:02

Re: Skies of Arcadia (USA) [Hykan]

Сообщение Lin » 10 июл 2012, 19:34

Вот эта версия проходима полностью. Только запасись 99 минутными болванками.
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