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Сообщение Lin » 13 окт 2011, 13:10

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Genre: Survival horror, Action Adventure
Developer: WARP
Publisher: Sega
Data: December 23, 1999
CD: 5 (99 min Req)
Format: .nrg
Selfboot: Yes

Kenji Endo the creator of D for the 3DO, Saturn and PlayStation brings us D2 which was originally a M2 (3DO 2) game until the hardware was scrapped by Matsushita (Panasonic). Unlike the first D saga this game is in full real time and even though this was one of the first Dreamcast games to ever start being produced back in early 1998 or maybe even as far back as 1997, it still looks great now in 2004.

D2 takes place in the snowy mountains of Canada after the plain that our hereon, Lara was on crashed. Not all is as it would expect to be though. The plain was brought down by some mysterious powers that have changed the inhabitance of the snowy mountains in to mutant human/creatures. Lara must find out what is happening and the reason of why she is there (She's suffering from amnesia, you see).

You will not be disappointed with this game in any department. The voice acting is great (NOT IN THE US VERSION), the background music which was composed by Kenji Endo is fit for a feature film. Camera work is amazing putting Shenmue to shame at times. Finally, the story is so intriguing that you'll find yourself lost with in it.

The games of Warp's Kenji Eno are not to everybody's taste. The creator of titles such as 'D' and 'Enemy Zero' likes to focus on the Survival Horror genre from the standpoint that a good, scary tale needs time to develop - that plot contrivances can only be avoided through good storytelling and characters you actually care about.

From the point of view of the end-user, some feel that this approach alienates the gamer - that not enough input is required from the player, leaving them disassociated from the action and with nothing to do but watch, not participate. With knowledge of these criticisms in place, Eno set out to develop a game that would retain all the aspects he loved: intelligent plotting, exciting narrative, an atmosphere of menace but with greater interactivity. With these aspects in mind, Warp developed D2.

The front-end of D2 is very sparse: the logo set against a minimalist snowy backdrop, choral singing in the background. It is all deliberately very low-key, which seems to be Eno's design schematic. Not only are the settings very forbidding and intense (more on these later), but the game has a rare subtlety that is very refreshing, using only occasional bursts of a spooky refrain and the deep, chilling voice of the wind dogging your every movement as ciphers.

D2 is set in the snow-covered Canadian hills: you play Laura, a woman who is travelling by plane on business. During the flight, Laura strikes up a conversation with a fellow passenger, who picks up her dropped compact mirror (a gift from her mother). Upon retrieval, the compact begins to glow in his hand, and reveals a picture of the outside of their plane in flight, suddenly being struck by what appears to be a small meteor. Just as this man (who has identified himself as 'David') is about to react, the plane is suddenly seized by a small group of terrorists. They appear to be in the thrall of a mysterious robed figure, chanting 'Shadow - the final destroyer' over and over as if it were a prayer. Wasting no time, David warns Laura to stay calm and draws a gun - he is obviously a cop - in order to try and prevent a catastrophe. As he is about to make his move, a combination of instinct and memory causes him to grab Laura and drag her to the rear of the plane…just as the meteor impacts against the wing. You wake as Laura in a small wooden cabin, with no idea what has just happened, or what these events may signify.

From this point, it is your job to investigate the desolate, mountainous location and try to piece together why the meteor struck the plane, how to get out of your situation and, very soon into your adventure, what is turning the locals and crash survivors into hideously deformed monsters. This takes the form of a 3D adventure which uses the control method of games such as Resident Evil, but allows you full access to the environment: you rotate on your axis and 'up' on the pad is always 'move forward', but the landscape is in full 3D. As noted before, said landscape is part of an overall design plan: spartan and desolate, and the appearance of any building structure or enemy is intensified in its effect on the player by the intelligent contrasts between the barren wasteland and the threat of violence. Similarly, the sound effects are mostly limited to feet crunching through snowy hills and the wind hooting through the pine trees, making the affect of a creaking door or a monster's groan even more significant when it finally appears.

Combat is particularly unusual for this genre: when an enemy is encountered, the view switches to the first-person. Control via the stick is limited to the weapon you are holding only, although pressing X or B will swing you 90 degrees to the right. You must fire at the creature's specific weakspot in order to prevent it harming you, and there are often several attackers at once, all coming in from different angles. It is a highly unusual approach, but one which manages to work. You begin with an Uzi with unlimited ammo and work your way up to larger and more dangerous weapons, so you never feel under powered. That said, all guns have to be strategically reloaded, and the sheer number of enemies (plus their unnerving ability to pop-up directly behind you whilst another attacks from the front) prevents the fighting from ever becoming simplistic.

As this is a Survival Horror game there are (of course) puzzles to be solved and, whilst the trappings surrounding these are often very attractive and well designed, they themselves are not at all taxing. You still gain immense satisfaction from uncovering such things as the wreckage of your downed plane and new weaponry though, and all such discoveries are well implemented into the overall design. It cannot be stressed how well D2 operates as an overall package - even though the graphics have been superseded (bearing in mind the game began development in 1997), the production values are so high and the artistry put into making the atmosphere so considered, it succeeds perfectly in what it intends to do: which is present a game that has an intriguing plot, plenty of twists and lots of action whilst being thoughtfully considered and well-acted. It has to be emphasised that the voice acting in this game is generally extremely good. As there is so much spoken dialogue in the game, poor acting would have rendered it useless and destroyed the effect. Thankfully, it remains constantly well performed, and certain patches are performed in such a way as to be genuinely disturbing and quite intense.

D2 is not to everyone's taste, as the combat is secondary to the plot, and the plot also overrides the puzzle element. As with Kenji Eno's earlier games, there are large stretches which still leave the player with nothing to do but watch the cutscenes. Luckily, these are both better acted and more interesting than those in the Metal Gear games, but many will question whether such media is welcome in any video game to such a large degree. This said, the immersive storyline is almost is impossible to ignore once begun: you'll find yourself thinking and pondering on the plot and what will happen next whilst you aren't playing, and keeps you hooked right up until the very end. All in all, D2 is very much down to personal taste, but is a game that definitely dares to spend more time 'thinking', in a mature fashion, about how people react in fearful situations…and passing that feeling on to the gamer

Код: Выделить всё
          Title....: D2     

          Supplier.: Hykan         -  Date.....: 30/09/2005 *updated 20-11-2010
          Selfboot.: Hykan         -  Genre....: Adventure
          Platform.: SEGA DC       -  Files....: 22/23/49/32x20MB
          Origin...: USA/NTSC      -  Filename.: hyk-D2-1/2/3/4.partxx.rar
          Type.....: .nrg 99min    -  Ripped...: See note

  Disk info:
- ----------------------------- -


  Release Notes                                             
- ----------------------------- -

The game has been ripped and tested to be 100% working personally by myself
(according to the walkthrough I have). Its normal for frequent CD accesses and
at times slow loading (with blank screens).

The test CDs were burnt with Nero DAO at 4X speed, overburnt to 99

GD 3 is too big to be fitted even on 99min CDR. So it was splitted into two CDRs
(CD3A & B). You have to save anywhere after Laura's first vision (after the
first Boss) and before reaching the bridge. Then boot CD3B and continue from the
saved point. Make sure you never go back into the priest's house or enter the
musician's room again with CD3B!

***** update 20-11-2010 *****
I have seen people complaining about problems with this rip:
  1. Photos are not shown
  2. Item descriptions are not shown from the Inventory/Archives

1. I bet people ran it on emulators. I never care about emulators, especially
   in 2005 when I release this rip where only Chankast was available. I tested
   it on a real dreamcast and it works fine.
2. Yes, this is a real problem. Sorry about that! So I will rephase 100% working
   to 95% working.   
   The problem can be traced back to *.pvr being placed in the first session.
   Relocate them to 2nd session works in emulators. I believe they need to be
   pushed to the outer part of a CDR for them to work in a real dreamcast.
   However, this may affect other files located there. I am too lazy to do
   that now.
   Your options?
   A. Run a GDI release on emulators (and live with the problems with photos
      and may be other problems.)
   B. There is a 80min release (8 disks) out there. I haven't tested it myself
      but I heard they works fine.

  Rip notes (technical)
- ----------------------------- -
*The following notes are a bit technical and is useless to 99% of the users.
*The info is intended for technical users who know what they are doing and if
*they found anything wrong with my procedures, they can correct me or perhaps
*release a ppf.

The game is too big to fit even on a 99min CDR. Something have to be

All the *.AFS have to be downsampled to Mono (22050Hz wont work) to fit the
disks on 99min CDR. The movies may have to be dwonsampled too. Its also
important to arrange small files and movies (.sfd and .m1v)(and avoid
.pvm,.stm,.stn sets) so that they are wriiten to the inner part or a CD
and big files (animated videos) to the outer part of a CD, or else problems
will arise (hangs, reset to dreamcast main menu etc.)

The first disk session have to be LBA 45000. Since the second disk session
alone is not big enough for all the data, the first session has to be filled
with data too and dummied to the required LBA45000.
It is impossible to fit the game on 80min CDRs.

Note: What Belokk have done to his release of disk 1 is ripped the ending movie
and downsampled *.AFS to mono AND 22050Hz**, But the game seems to be hard coded
to 44100Hz, hence the crappy sound and resets when the audio ends before the

Disk 1:WORLDEV.AFS,COMMON.AFS downsampled to mono
Disk 2:WORLDEV.AFS downsampled to mono
       ZR17D11.M1V downsampled from 1199 to 800kbps
Disk 3:WORLDEV.AFS,COMMON.AFS downsampled to mono
       ZDUMMY.M1V downsampled from 1997 to 800kbps (not really necessary)
       The GD is too big to fit on one 99min CDR! The NRyyxxx.xxx files and the
       movies are distrbuted betweet 2 CDRs, 3A & 3B:
         NR18xxx.xxx           Musician's House
         NR19xxx.xxx           Musician's House 
         NR20xxx.xxx           Sorceror
         NR21xxx.xxx Disk 3A   Priest House
         NR22xxx.xxx Disk 3A   Musician's room
         NR23xxx.xxx           Martha's House
         NR25xxx.xxx Disk 3B   From the bridge onwards
         ZGM03.SFD   Disk 3A   Laura's first vision
         ZGM04.SFD   Disk 3B   Laura's second vision
           Note:All the above descriptions are just my wild guess
Disk 4:ZOPG.SFD (opening movie) downsampled from 2419 to 1000kbps

Final Note:
The images were created with a variation of Echelon's method and hex edited
directly into Nero format without burning to CDR first. Since these are the
masters for burning the test CDs, I wouldn't be bothered to convert them to .cdi

- ----------------------------- -

Belokk for the release of D2 Disk 1 (d2_disk1 belokk).
DCP for the Ripdb hints. http://www.bucanero.com.ar/ripdb.php?game=313

Gosseyn , Rayearth , blibbero , NU-NRG & all contributing members of Sega Palace
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